Just the lyrics changed" _Read caption As we kn

""Just the lyrics changed" _Read caption"

"Just the lyrics changed"

_Read caption

"Just the lyrics changed" _Read caption

As we know, life is tough.
But who thing fuck things about life at the age of 12 !!
Everyone has seen that move "tare zameen par" and you feel like, "yes !! yahi to ho raha hai meri life mein benchod" And specially that song kho na jaye yeh tare zameen per yeh to muj per he hai.....
But as you pass out your school life lyrics change and the move changes,
now you compare your college life with the movie "3 idiots"
Again the lyrics change now the which is, "give me some sunshine, give me some rain.... give me another change, wanna get fucked up once again"
Similarly in school life when yu have a crush on someone a song becomes your favourite, that south indian girl #priyavariya "mankiya malaraya puvi, mahan diyankari chpiv"
But as yu enter to your college life again the lyrics changes, and it becomes like "jise dekh mera dil dhadka meri jaan tadap ti hai !! koi jannat ki vo hoor nahi meri college ki ek ladki hai ;)

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