WHAT IS THE POINT OF SO MANY GODS? What is the point in having so ...

What is the point in having so many #Gods ?
1. To answer this - lets understand what is God and for what purpose it is used in daily lie of a human being ?

God, is nothing but a character given to set of beliefs and ideas. The set of beliefs and ideas we have about and have experienced in life.
The thing called "God" is either forced on us by birth or by place or by culture where we are born.
2. Use or Need Gap analysis of why it exists and used in daily human life:
It is generally used when things are not as per our expectation in our life. We feel/belief that there is someone who has created us or has more power than a human being and has the ability to set right if we reach out to them. In the event of a problem, issue, sadness when the reality <= expectations, we seek its help or rather try and incentive this character to reset things as per our expectation.
Generally with this belief, we tend to do our Karma and sometimes makes expectations a reality and tend to belief that it is done by the grace of God.
Is it ?
Ever thought if lets suppose there is a god who hears us, loves us, cares for us, and wants to chat about him and only then he will full-fill our desires - wont that make him selfish? Isn't this act is very ROI driven ? Will such a bigger entity will seek this sort of incentive to do things for us ?
Or it is just that a universe was created by bang and it is running automatically because of the forces that act within or outside the universe ?
If I take the second argument which logically sounds more correct, shouldn't we keep focussing on our Karma and try and solve our problems by ourself rather than depending on a unproven/unknown existence?

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