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#190 #190quote #190story #Rajat #Rajatagarwal #meltingphilosophy
The airport was not organised step by step. My question is if a boy can't carry Desi ghee in the plane in hand baggage, how you bloody permitting to carry the alcohol only if we buy from airport ? How shitty strategy is this to earn money.
And if ghee is not allowed, why that burger is asking me for the extra thousand rupee to allow that ghee ?
Either the boarding system should be set in the very end after all the shops whether it is liquor or beverage so that if the Ghee is not allowed, liquor also should not be allowed "or" otherwise there should not be any single shop of any type of liquid inside the airport.
More over if the system doesn't allow the weight more then 8 kg in hand baggage if it exceeds, they charge the extra money then why anybody can buy the things after getting boarding pass ? Doesn't it increases the weight or i think it increases the weight of money what they are earning (black into white).
Cheating with poors is absolutely not fair system. If it doesn't change, You might be facing the consequences in future.

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