Go Rangoli - Gearing up for a World Record ‘G

Go Rangoli - Gearing up for a World Record

‘Go Rangoli’ is a maverick startup company whose approach to art, tradition and culture goes beyond stipulated conventional boundaries. It has created recognised to provide oppo unities/projects to Rangoli artists from Maharashtra and other parts of India.
The philosophy of Go Rangoli is preservation and celebration of an age old art form with traditional roots of scientific and harmonic aspects of unity, nobility and humility which reflect our diversity and creativity as a sub continent.
“The spirit of Rangoli artistry is expanded from household tradition to practice and ritual in corporate events, inaugurations, Weddings and more…The city of pearls – Hyderabad which is testament of talent and hard work is slowly picking up this trend and is on its way of making a world record with this colourful art form,” shares Akhilesh Washikar-chief organiser-director of ‘Go Rangoli’.
“Go Rangoli is an ideal that strives to maintain uplift and decorate our hearts with the rich and spiritually engulfing Indian heritage and culture in the contemporary world.
The World attempt by our team is a long cherished dream of doing something extraordinary by putting Hyderabad on the heritage and cultural map of the world. More than 3000 participants are set to join hands together to create world's largest Rangoli Spread across 30,000 sq.meters.
The event of such a grand scale will be held at NTR Stadium, Lower Tank Bund, on February 5, 2017,” says Akhilesh Washikar.

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