Foods that can be made within 15 minutes : Micr

Foods that can be made within 15 minutes :

Microwaved egg - Its yum and superquick. Just break an egg in a cup or small bowl, blend it or not. Sprinkle salt/condiments. Put in microwave for 30–45 seconds. Tadaaaa! Have it with Brown bread grilled without oil/butter.

2. Grilled Chicken - Marinate Chicken breast pieces cut in small sizes, freeze for 15 mins and put down in grill for 5 min. Yeeeee!

3. Bread Rava/Sooji Toast - Add water and chopped capsicum/onion/greenchilli/basil/tomato to sooji/rava to make a paste consistency. Add salt/condiments. Apply this past to one side of bread and cook bread from this side on greased tawa/ non-stick. Tadaaa!

4. Hashbrowns - Boil 2 big potatoes. Grate them after peeling. Add roasted oats (roasted on dry non-stick pan)/salt/condiments/chopped onion/chopped veg (Carrot/capsicum). Mash everything together. Make round cutlets and shallow fry on non-stick or thick base tawa.

5. Oats Shake - For filling breakfast I personally like to make a shake - Strawberry/banana/mango/whatsoever you wish and add 4–5 spoons oats to it before blending . You won’t feel hungry too soon :)

6. Egg Parantha - Beat 2 whole eggs in a bowl. Add salt/condiments. Make one plain roti. Now pour half of the beaten egg mix on greased non-stick pan/tawa. Once it starts solidifying, place roti on the top, let it stick to it completely on one side. Pick up the one sided egged roti on a plate and pour another half of the beaten egg mix, place roti with non-egged side on it now and let it cover all the visible part of the roti. Tadaa! Super-quick/Healthy/stomach filling.

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