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White World Environment Day

                World Environment Day 

           In a world of emerald hue, we stand, 
        Beneath the sky, the Earth's grand hand. 
            With forests deep and oceans wide, 
        Our precious planet, our constant guide.

On World Environment Day, we raise our voice
, To cherish Earth, our ultimate choice. 
With every breath of fresh, clean air, 
We feel the love, beyond compare.

In fields of green and rivers clear,
 The heartbeat of nature, oh so near.
 Each creature, big and small, 
Has a role in this grand call.

Let's plant the seeds of change today,
 For a brighter, greener, sustainable way.
 With mindful steps and hearts aligned, 
Together, our Earth will forever shine.

So let's unite, in harmony's sway,
 For Earth's tomorrow, let's pave the way. 
On this World Environment Day, let's say,
 We'll protect our planet, come what may.

©Ajita Bansal
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Ajita Bansal

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