Sunday evening being the only time I get to intros

Sunday evening being the only time I get to introspect:

To re-evaluate the purpose of Nojoto and constantly sharpening it up & re-focusing to single most important thing:

The '#why'?

The single biggest question for a business & for an individual.

It's the reason for Google , Amazon, Uber, SoundCloud, Facebook & a lot more.

It's the reason why we have Gandhi, Hitler, Eric Clapton, Jim Carrey, JK Rowling and anyone else.

It's always the "Why" which defines an individual or a business.

Google, Amazon isn't tech company, Netflix is not media subscription company.. these are current business model, or the core enabler to solve for "Why".

"Why" is about figuring out "problem, and for whom", and then its about all actions towards it.

And in the end,
- Technologies come and go
- Business models evolve

And all things change, and that's always how life is.

One thing that doesn't change throughout is
"Why ?"

For all my friends who are starting up business, or Pursing Creative Expression Such as Comedy, Poetry, music, art or any other thing - Question yourself

"Why?" & Stick to your hypothesis unless it's proven wrong, in that case iterate, but stick to "Your Why", Your Original "Why".

Most people fizzle out on why, and lose it - whether they have money or fame - doesn't matter.

It's the only thing that makes you run at 100x and still not feel tired, it's the only thing that will keep you humble at all points in life, and probably the only thing that no institution or person teaches you.

If you'be got 20 mins free, watch Jim Carrey's Commencement speech on YouTube for further information, it was and will be the single most thing I cherish in life.

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