Story of a food enthusiast, who quit his Job to fo

Story of a food enthusiast, who quit his Job to follow his passion for food Full Time
We recently connected with Sawan & Vaishali, who is very passionate about trying out new recipes & showcasing them to the world through Nojoto via their collection “Vaishali Food recipes”  

Mentioned below is the brief summary of our discussion with Sawan & Vaishali
Nojoto Team: Hi , could you tell us about yourself in around 250 words?  Imagine writing a story on Nojoto. Sawan & Vaishali: I am a digital marketer by profession with over 9+ years of experience, and Vaishali is my wife who loves trying out new recipes everyday. Because of Vaishali’s proficiency in making new recipes, which of course is very amazing, and we thought why not pursue this art of creating new recipes full time & also educate more people - how to do it. This can actually be a great help for lot of people who are trying to learn new food recipes. It’s been 1 year, since we started doing this full time. 
Nojoto Team: What triggered you to follow your passion for Food & Recipe? And how did your hometown & childhood influence your passion for food?Sawan & Vaishali: Vaishali was really good at cooking and her curiosity to try out new recipes was the trigger for following the passion for food. It’s been 3+ years since I am married to Vaishali, and 3 years back I was 40-50 Kg, and now I weigh over 90 Kg, so you can imagine the influence of her food , and really it’s hard to say NO to the new one. 

Nojoto Team: What is the most fulfilling about sharing your Food recipes?Sawan & Vaishali: The most fulfilling thing about sharing our recipes is the love we get from people which keeps us going and trying out new recipes. 

Nojoto Team: Do you think if Circumstances allow, you will pursue your passion for Food full time? And what is your future ambition in following your passion for Food & Recipe?Sawan & Vaishali: Yes, we already are doing this Full time and if circumstances will allow, we will build team and do this more aggressively, so that it can impact larger audience. 
Our goal is two folds: - - One is to open a restaurant and give people the experience of new recipes, beyond which they eat at other restaurants.- Second is open a cookery class, where we can teach other people to make new and new recipes. 

Nojoto Team: If there is a Recipe based on your life, what would be called?Sawan: Mera Ladoo <with a huge smile on the face>

Nojoto Team: Which one is your favourite food recipe?Sawan & Vaishali: Dhokla, and we have already shared its recipe on Nojoto also. 
Nojoto Team: What is your favourite possession which defines you? Sawan & Vaishali: I guess all things are critical to create a perfect recipe, but we will give the most credit to Kadai, and below is the picture with our favourite Kadai

Nojoto Team:  What do you love about Nojoto? And how Nojoto is different from any other social media platform?Sawan & Vaishali:  - It is all about your interest for one specific thing and sharing stuff about that passion, so that it reaches all other like-minded people.- It helps me organize all my food & recipe related things in one collection.- Moreover, it’s very easy to use, and easy to share what you love on Nojoto. It needs little more improvements, so that it can become big, and I am sure the team will keep improving it. 
Check out Sawan’s Food Collection on Nojoto & the amazing recipes they have shared @ Nojotohttp://

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