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Detach Yourself
How do you detach yourself from something you truly want to happen and just allowing the universe to take control and to not always think about it.People mediate to find silence but a couple of hours later that thought still comes back.What to do ?


The way to detach is to simply be.
Being in your own stillness means you are not attaching or identifying with anything else. In that state you aren’t wanting or desiring anything, you are just being. This state of stillness is available during moments of meditation.
Outside of meditation it is natural to seek and desire the things you want to happen, so don’t try to be detached during your day’s activity. It won’t work and it only creates strain.
So wanting things is okay, but don’t let your happiness depend on that outcome. Trust that what is in your highest and best interest is being organized for you in a more comprehensive way than your individual mind can comprehend.
So instead of being attached to a particular outcome of your desires, be alert, appreciative and responsive to Nature’s support of your desires in the service of your spiritual growth.

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