❤BREATHE IN BALI ❤ Bali to me is an intricate , an

Bali to me is an intricate , antagonizing and ravishing island highly ornated with the slush of crystal clear water and long sandy beaches with a reminscing glimpse of melting sun is a magnet attracting many couples , families and honeymooners seeking romance in the air of stillness and serenity. It slows down our inner pace of manuevering spirit and makes one feel relax and soothed from the obliterating hustle - bustle without a pinch of rest . It rightly defines ," A thing of beauty is a joy forever ,"and is correctly portrayed as ," Lover's Paradise," "Blogger's Paradise," "Crown of the world ," and also " The Coral Triangle ," for Bali has gargantuan range of biodiversity
Serenity could be palpable on the lands of Bali where each second is traumatising and on seeing them my heart jumped into my hand and almost skipped a beat. The surmising volcanoes along with the tranquilizing silence blende in with a potent combination of sluggishness embeddd as maggorts makes one lounge by being very peevish and jejune,away from the hullabaloos of intense competition. The balinese people or the local community was very amicable. The glory of the fresh ,pure and crystal clear water accompanied by the flacid and grainy sand was endorsing and a bonhomie. The Kuta ,Sanor and many other beaches with high waves were as if calling us to enjoy surfing and water sports. Nothing was to fortasted and everything was just picture perfect . It was an intoxication and a delight to watch a marvellous fleat of the sunset as well as the shells shining in a full clear moonlight .
Blanket of solemnity and calmness was unleashed when I visited the Kuta beach and was mesmerized with the peak of beauty ensbrined on the surface of mother Earth . It added an album of memories filled with fun , glee and gaiety to the pinnacle of joy . It was eulogizing . The gushing waves soothed and touched the gentle shores and the vitiated atmosphere was engulfed with the blowing breeze of enthusiasm for the adventures to unravel and presenting a challenge and romance for the newly wedlocked couples as honeymooners. But I continued to admire the unfolding mystery of the flora and fauna. Bali made me go agog and flabbergasted. It's roaring waves ushered my dampened spirit and I forgot all my pains and sorrows.
Kuta beach had many resorts and motels as well as many shriekng small cottages where Balinese culture could be seen engrossed in making items out of the shells , etc . Waves presented a divine look with a sombre picturesque for the selfie lovers. I was thrilled to experience surfing on those huge waves and my pleasure was contagious for I always had fear in the back of my mind. That was an unforgettable experience of my life which makes my hair stand on my end. The watch tower on the beach was standing there so firm as if it was testing the time of the past.
"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder," so to me Bali was just hallucinating and a dream vacation ,also a heaven on Earth where mystery , silence , adventure,love and obsessed memories plunge into beauty with top noche services of the local mob docilly helping the tourists. It was ommissible. It is far beyond one's imagination and perception and free from the greuling and harrowing spirit to compete. Bali has its own world of silence and passion.

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