There comes a time in everyone’s soul journey wher

There comes a time in everyone’s soul journey where one has to decide whether to continue living a life of pretense and illusion or to finally make the jump into the frightening unknown of the ultimate and most certain truth that all life is connected and what we do unto others we do unto ourselves. Ancient Mystery Schools offered training and graduation from the cycle of reincarnation - to allow the soul to free itself from bondage to the mortal, transient world and ascend to the eternal realms of ultimate freedom and bliss. But in order to get to the bottom of one’s soul essence, life or death situations were created in order to draw out one’s innermost inclinations to either continue under the veil of illusion – or maya - or to finally break through it and face the ultimate truth of one’s immortal essence. When faced with a deadly challenge, like a shipwreck for example, the immature soul gives in to fear and in its panic pulls others down to the bottom of the ocean with him, whereas the mature soul rises to the challenge and becomes a hero who saves lives and thus enriches and elevates his own life. In ancient Egyptian mythology, the sphinx symbolizes the perfect balance between the human spirit and the animal nature, between mind and body, and between intelligence and energy. When the higher self harnesses the lower self, life takes an upward momentum. Rather than creating more karma and imbalances of all kinds, the soul finally reaches for the stars of its heavenly origin, to transmute itself into the immortal fabric of its Divine Self. It takes courage and strength to overcome one’s own inner downward tendency and surrender to the powerful energies of the Divine Will. But once the soul’s downward tendency is overcome, no outside attack or disturbance can alter the soul’s upward momentum, and no outside force can overtake the individual in any way. A weak mind can easily be overtaken and possessed by demonic forces from the astral level, but a strong mind, which is established in the Divine Will, cannot be intruded upon – it is impenetrable, holistic, and powerful in its integrity. This is the Buddha nature of the soul who is established in the Divine Will, and who cannot be overcome by any dark force anymore. If a dark-force motivated person would approach this Buddha personality with any mal-intent, he would be thrown back onto himself with the same dark force power he tried to exert onto the Buddha personality. This attacker would defeat himself with his own bad intent, and the Buddha would just lift one finger to indicate to his attacker that he is defeating himself with the destructive energy he tried to attack Buddha with. Buddha’s purity and mastery of his lower self, therefore, prevent any attacks on his person or reality from any impure, mal-intended aggressor. Buddha is immune to the creation and experience of karma. He is established in Divine, conscious beingness, the state of beingness every soul ultimately aspires to. Even the soul of a demon or rakshasa, like Ravana, the superior antagonist of the Ramayana, who, in his last breath, after being conquered by God Ram, cries out the name of his conqueror, Ram, acknowledging that He is God, the incarnation of the ultimate Source of Life, and with that the Beginning and End of Ravana’s soul journey as well. In his last breath he realizes that by attacking Ram, he defeated himself with his own destructive power. And he realizes also that Ram – an incarnation of God - stands for his own ultimate soul redemption. Such is the force of illusion that it holds the soul in its grip for as long as the person is willing to give up his higher inclinations. And the mass media takes full advantage of that weakness; like a demon, it will continue to unleash negative content and tendencies to bind the individual to a negative reality and keep thrusting it into a downward spiral of self-annihilation for as long as the individual agrees to it and goes along with it. Only when we wake up and say ‘No More!’ will our momentum change and our reality with it! We don’t need to die in order to change. Any moment is an opportunity for growth! Let us therefore be the creators of a world experience that reminds us of our Divine nature, which is steeped in absolute bliss and freedom! This is the shockingly beautiful truth of our true nature and innermost desires!
- Maha Devi Li Ra La

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