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White Teenage Love story A boy 👦was dating a gi

White Teenage Love story

A boy 👦was dating a girl who didn't reciprocate his love. One day she decided to break up💔 and said, "I don't ever want to see you again".Years passed by and she realized the value of the boy's love. She went back to him and said she was sorry. and asked for one more chance. She also promised that she will never break at her and said, "only a fool would take back someone who 💔 one so much".The girl began to cry and was about to leave, when he grabbed her hand pulled her close and said softly,..

" And I am one of those fools"."And I am one of

©Samar Pratap Singh
  #sad_love_story sad love❤ story

#sad_love_story sad love❤ story #Love