Think Over #Sadhaks must think seriously that th

Think Over
#sadhaks must think seriously that those things that we are #experiencing with our senses, can these reach us (Self)? In reality, all sense objects, only reach up to the body; however, due to believing ourselves to be the body only, mistakenly we believe that this reaches the “#Self”. Our #eternal existence is in the form of “I am”, whereas, the existence of the bodily inert things is temporary and un-real. Therefore, nothing can reach the “self”. 

In this too there is one extra-ordinary point that you must pay attention to - as far as the objects reach, there too they do not remain forever. Therefore an aspirant must think that all the objects that you come in contact with, that are seen, heard, etc. they too do not reach the “self”, and as deeply as they touch you, there too they do not remain forever, therefore, for how long will you take pleasure from it? How long will you stay with them? The bodily inert objects are changing, but the “self” is unchanging. For how long will you make do with these objects that are constantly changing? How long will you remain dependent on these? If an #aspirant thinks in this way, then he will #progress very quickly.

Sense #Pleasure do not reach the Self, but man accepts the consequences of it in the form of pleasure and pain - “Purushah sukhadukhaanaam bhokrutve heturuchyate” (Gita 13/20). In other words, man fosters the enjoyment of pleasure and pain. Just as the things that are acquired do not remain forever, similarly the pleasure and pain derived from it, does not remain forever.

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