BAHUBALI - One of the Best Indian Movie Product!

BAHUBALI - One of the Best Indian Movie Product!
So, 14th July 2015 @ 10:20 pm, after full day's work and a beer, I went to watch Bahubali.
Perception before the movie: Actually, I didn't saw the trailer of the movie, and because a friend booked it, I went to see it. The only few things I saw about the movie was that it has done huge amount of business in few days, so what? Sallu Bhai's Movies does.. SRK's typical romantic movies does.. Aamir PK did..
I though, I will sit relax and if I feel sleepy I will go off to sleep.
Perception during the movie: When movie started, there were little illogical scenes of how a guy climbs on a huge mountain basis a mask, which to the hero's imagination is a awesome Hot Girl.
Moreover, almost 20 people left when the first love song came and the Hero was ripping Heroine and doing some mad romantic illogical steps. I stayed calm, even when my friend said "Ghar Chale Kya ? Sab Log ja rahe h". But till that time also, there quite a few scenes where the story grips you and makes you think, Bhai Waah!
As the movie progressed, it became so much engaging and entertaining that you can't take a susu break too, apart from one more idiotically place song, which reminds me - why do Indian movies need songs to thrive when the other things are good.
And the movie goes on and on and on ... it doesn't let you take your eye off the screen. It just hooks you on. There were several things in movie which beats standard of Indian Cinema. The director has taken the movie to another LEVEL of Indian cinema.
Perception after the movie: Various movie sequences keep coming back to your head, wanting to see more. I wont reveal the suspense as to what happens, but still would say - its sequel should have been released in 2015.

Quite a few thoughts come to my mind -
How would the idea person of the movie would have convinced producer/investor to put 250 Cr for this movie, and that too just the first half of the story?How many presentations and excel sheets would have gone in to it?How many pre-production meetings discussing the details and scaled would have happened to execute this level of project?I think that to think and execute this project with an fantastic final product is in itself a mark of how detailed oriented and execution focussed its people would have been. I truly recommend everyone to go and watch this film in theaters, because on Laptop or TV - you wouldn't understand the scale and breadth of it.
Awaiting its next part in 2016...

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