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"What will be an alternate story centering around Joe Chill the guy who killed Batman's parents? How would you have written it? This question was asked to me on Quora which is a social media app for asking questions and getting answers Read the answer below #NojotoQuote"

What will be an alternate story centering around Joe Chill the guy who killed Batman's parents? How would you have written it?

This question was asked to me on Quora which is a social media app for asking questions and getting answers

Read the answer below #NojotoQuote

What will be an alternate story centering around Joe Chill the guy who killed Batman's parents? How would you have written it? This question was asked to me on Quora which is a social media app for asking questions and getting answers Read the answer below #NojotoQuote

Batman beyond …..

Terry McGinnis(Batman) and Nathaniel Adam(Captain Atom) was fighting against two Eobard Thawne from different time line

Terry : “How the hell Negetive Flash still exist? I thought Barry Allen killed him finally”

Adam: “Timeline is destroyed, everything is mess, I can't go back to my timeline anymore, it's impossible to tell now what exactly happened, I wish Superman was alive”

After a huge battle finally Eobard Thawne saved himself by using another version of himself from different time line as shield but just when he was about to get away again as he always does, he was captured by Bruce Wayne using time stream.

Eobard Thawne was moving all the time but only in a loop as result he was still in one place as a prisoner of Bruce Wayne

Eobard: “Nice trick. Good to see your old horse still has some running left, Bruce Wayne. Yeah, I know who are you, Batman, ha, ha”

Bruce: “Yeah, I am not surprised that you know about me but why not kill me before?”

Eobard: “Ha, ha, I want to believe me, I so want to kill you but I can't because if I kill you then………….”

Bruce: “What? What do you about to say?”

Eobard: “Nothing, I am just bored. So do you take blue pill now? Ha, ha, it must be hard being an old man who once went toe to toe with a God. How are you, Bruce, how is old life treating you? Ha, ha”

Bruce: “You were about to say something”

Eobard: “Forget that old man, just seeing you like this is enough entertainment for me. How is Selena, by the way? Does she have grandma arm yet? Grandma arm with leather. I have to see that. Ha, ha, ha”

Bruce Wayne could not tolerate anymore, he came and knocked Eobard Thawne out with just one punch

Terry saw that and said, “Wow, hold on, Mr Wayne, remember you are not a spring chicken anymore”

Bruce said with a tremendous annoyance, “THAT'S WHAT EVERYONE KEEPS TELLING ME. Watch out for this guy” in saying this he left the room

Adam : “You hurt Bruce's sentiment”

Terry: “I know but someone has to say that. He still believes that he is Batman with his cape on”

Adam: “I know Bruce from a long time. Bruce maybe old but Batman isn't. And Batman will never die. You are the big example of that”

Terry McGinnis: “I know but I am not Bruce Wayne”

Adam: “Yeah, but you are his son so that's as close as it gets”

Both of them left the room…..

When Eobard Thawne woke up, he suddenly saw he was in a different place. He remembered the first time he was in a central city to Barry Allen's mother. But because of the inexperience he was lost for a while in speed force.

He said to himself, “WTF? I thought I was in the future caught by an old Bruce Wayne. Shame on me. But how come I am in this time line? Let me avoid this scenario, I don't want to get caught by speed force again. Let's change the previous mistake. Let's go to Gotham City instead, let's see what is going on there”

He was standing in front of bus stand waiting as another ordinary people in normal clothes. Suddenly, he heard alarm bells are ringing in a nearby Gotham bank. A band of bank dacoits escaping after looting the bank in a car. Suddenly, he heard a siren of police van and saw young commissioner Gordon (he hasn't been commissioner yet) was chasing them and probably will catch them.

Eobard Thawne said to one police officer, “I know where they are going”

That police officer said, “Fuck off, let us work” in saying this he pushed Eobard Thawne.

Eobard Thawne said with tremendous anger, “You idiot, do you know who am I?”

Police officer said, “Yes, who are you?”

Eobard Thawne said, “I am…….. I am…..”

Police officer said, “Yeah, that's what I thought. Now get out of here otherwise I will sent you to Arkham Asylum, ha, ha” in saying this he left

Eobard Thawne checked himself and said, “Fuck you GCP, no wonder nobody wants to support you” in saying this he started to run wearing his yellow costume again and helped bank dacoits escaped

Gordon said, “What happened? How come our tire burst now. I thought that we had a new tire just now”

In the meantime-

Bank Dacoits saw Eobard Thawne helping them escape. They told him, “Thanks mate for the help. Our Boss would like to meet you”

Eobard Thawne said, “I am not interested in petty crime”

One of them said, “My name is Joe Chill, I work for ‘The Roman'. Come with us. You will find it interesting”

Eobard Thawne said, “What can a old fashioned crime family have that will be any interesting to me?”

Joe Chill said, “You will be surprised. For example we know that you have come from the future”

Eobard was surprised and said, “Okay, I am interested now. Let's go”

Eobard knew who this Roman was infact he knew about entire Falcone family but never had any interest in mob related crime. He always considered himself above from them. So when they surprised him. He had to go with them.

But he instead met with someone else.

Suddenly, Eobard Thawne realised that he was under the influence of some kind of mind attack and someone is reading his brain.

He woke up and saw someone.

He saw Bruce Wayne was smiling and someone else was standing beside him.

Bruce Wayne said, “I know you came from a different time line because otherwise you would have known that Selina Kyle was dead a long time ago. Which means that you don't know everything and probably working with someone. Introducing Lucien Crawley, he has telekinesis power. We are about to know what you were hiding. You better tell us what you know”

Eobard Thawne said, “This is low even for Batman. People should have that much privacy”

Bruce Wayne said, “Yeah, you are not smiling now. You better tell us or you will find out how far I can go to find out information”

Eobard Thawne said, “There's a reason why Joker is so attracted to you, Batman”

First time Bruce Wayne was slightly taken aback by this and said, “What do you mean?”

Eobard Thawne said, “You created him”

Batman said, “WHAT?”

Eobard Thawne said, “In alternate universe, Joker will get the power of Mr Mxyzptlk and become Emperor Joker, there will be no defence against him, in trying to defeat him, you from another universe, will have to split him into three parts, how you did it, it's not important since you are the reason. Joe Chill the guy who killed your parents, will be one of his father. After that it's a long story. If you kill Joe Chill then you will kill Joker hence he will retain to his emperor Joker Avtar. Hence you can never kill Joker no matter how nasty SOB he will become”

Bruce Wayne said, “Joker is that young??!!!?”

Eobard Thawne said, “This one is”

Bruce Wayne said, “What is your relation to all this?”

Eobard Thawne said, “Joker helped me kill Barry Allen. I helped him learned his true identity”

Bruce Wayne said, “What?????”

Eobard Thawne said, “He asked me not to ever disclose your true identity to him. He preferred that way. He actually is grateful to you that you stopped him from becoming Emperor Joker. I know sounds crazy but then again we are taking about Joker here”

Bruce Wayne never thought this will be possible. He said to Eobard Thawne, “Can't this Incident ever be changed?”

Eobard Thawne said with a smile, “You can try but you do know what happened to Barry Allen when he changed the past”

Bruce Wayne said to Lucien Crawley, “Send me back in time in Eobard Thawne's body, Joker can't know this. He is too insane to know this information”

Crawley said, “I am ameturish in this. There could be a risk”

Bruce Wayne said, “I am prepared to take that”

Eobard Thawne said, “If joker wasn't hetrosexual, I would say he is gay for you, Batman, he hates you as much as he likes you and respects you, now where do you get a villain like that, ha, ha”

Crawley said, “Shut up” and he sent Bruce Wayne in Thawne's body in the past and Bruce Wayne suddenly found himself infront of Roman the Falcone family the crime boss.

Boss said, “I have a job for you, if you kill Thomas Wayne, I can give you what you want”

Bruce disinterestedly said, “What can You give me?”

Boss said, “You, Batman, you”

Bruce was surprised and spell bound

Boss said, “All this very confusing, I know”

Bruce Wayne said, “Who are you? And how do you know all this?”

Boss said, “My name is Lucien Crawley, you know me in future as Mind grabbing kid, what a ridiculas name, I know, I was such a stupid Superhero, I am much better villain, won't you say?”.

Bruce Wayne said, “What do you want?”

Lucien Crawley said, “Nothing. I am just bored, I just wanted to see you suffer, see for a long time my powers has been my weakness, I could do what I wanted to do with my powers but I had no control over this, I killed my parents, my girlfriend because of this. Then I didn't want to pretend anymore, I owned up my power, I went into the mind of anyone I wanted, I saw everything in the past, future and present, I was the one responsible for Joker becoming Emperor Joker, see it's all been a very good entertainment but I have not seen the greatest one yet. What would the great Batman do when he would know that his parents would be killed by Joe Chill but if Batman stopped him then he would never become one. Which one is bigger disaster? Bruce's parents death or there's no Batman. I want to see Batman is making that choice. Is there a bigger need for Batman becoming Batman in Gotham City even more than Thomas and Martha Wayne's life?” in saying that he did something and Bruce Wayne found himself in Joe Chill's body and Eobard Thawne disappeared saying goodluck as sarcasm.

Bruce Wayne saw himself pointing gun towards his parents and young Bruce in that alley.

He heard, his father was shouting, “Let us go, take everything and let us go” and they attacked on him and gun went off accidentally which took the head off little Bruce.

Bruce Wayne said with horror and confusion, “NOOOO……….”

Suddenly, everything was vanishing and Bruce Wayne lost consciousness and when he woke up, he found himself infront of very worried Terry McGinnis and Nathaniel Adam.

Bruce Wayne said, “WHAT HAPPENED? HOW AM I ALIVE?”

Terry McGinnis said, “Dad, did you think I will ever let you go like this? We and Adam went to future knowing Eobard Thawne, he must have done something to the time line, we found out about Joker's origin and possible disaster where Batman never existed. Bruce Wayne died in a drug over dose”

Adam said, “You should thank Amanda Waller that Terry is a clone of you, not your direct bloodline which is why we were uneffected by the corruption in time line, we realised Lucien Crawley's real identity, he infact never had any real power except time manipulation hence I was uneffected by his timeline corruption, we both took care him and sent Eobard Thawne to Barry Allen's time line to take care of him, only Flash can take care of Negetive Flash”

Terry McGinnis said, “We changed everything back, I won't let you die, Father, Batman can't die”

Both Bruce Wayne and Terry McGinnis got emotional and hugged each other

Adam left the room.

Bruce Wayne said to Terry, “I am proud of you, my son, you made me realised today, I was worried for wrong reason, Batman never got old, he is young, alive and kicking ass through you, I am proud of you, my son”


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