**A love letter to an Unknown ** **A love letter to an Unknown **&...

**A love letter to an Unknown **
**A love letter to an Unknown ** "As I write this, I'm sitting in a park, my eyes are adoring a blissful moment of eternal love; a couple, in their 60s, cuddling and teasing each other enjoying their beautiful dream like life.  And these little moments are what makes me believe in love. Pure love.Suddenly It stirs something inside my heart. And that's when I realize I too have a Heart. As I sit here, I give my mind time and space to wander, imagine, and explore all the forbidden places in my pragmatic and emotionless life.  No matter how much I control myself from thinking about you, I fail every time. And I guess if you are reading this, you would also have drifted to a distant beautiful dream thinking about me with an amused smile on your dreamy face, wondering how I look like. And trust me, my condition is no more different than yours. I too have started weaving some dreams of you. 
My instincts say you are there among that crowd I don't want to be in. Because I don't want to be lost in  order to find you out. So I'm waiting here, out of the queue, in a secluded corner, so that when you look for me you will not get confused. If by any chance you have already got successful in hunting me down, right now you would be laughing on me, my antics, my silly rantings. And thinking of your smile and knowing I'm the reason behind it makes my heart flutter even more. But why am I unable to reach you yet?  Why are you standing so far away from me? Can't you notice how alone and desperate I'm here, seeking for a mere clue whether you exist or not? And it's not easy to hold onto myself, saving whole of me for you in this bleak and fleeting  world where nothing lasts long.  But I'm doing it for you, the one who, I believe, is destined for me only. And I'll wait till my last breath because I know you will come one day, for me, for us." <3Yours,Someone unknown.

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