It's ‘OK’ to be in a relationship were you know it

It's ‘OK’ to be in a relationship were you know it’s going to end one day. The regret won’t be there saying that someone didn’t love you or barter. People fall in love so easily just like it’s a child's play, and getting over it takes time. It may damage you, harm you or even break you completely that you never know if you will ever heal or not.

Sometimes, it is better to not make things better because a relationship is so like friendship nowadays. You meet someone, you talk with them for a while and suddenly you get so close. Attachment in short. You feel like you know that person already but before befriending, did you ever think that one day it might end and again you would be hurt because you started to expect?

Loving someone unconditionally without any intension of being loved back, feels so like nature? Indeed. They, never ask anything. They just nourish us with whatever we need. In simple words, a relationship is like dreams, we just chase it as we do for our dreams. But, we really don’t know whether we will ever achieve it ever or not but still we give our best to make it. Someone said “Happiness does not depend on whom you have or who you are. It solely relies on what you think". Yeah, A relationship, whether it lasts or not, it will never fulfil your highest level of impregnation. True happiness is found within our own self. You know how to clear your mind of all outward distractions and feel that bliss deep within yourself. It is OK to stay in this relationship because it is not your central source of happiness. Knowing that the relationship one is in, has an expiration date won’t disturb one's ability to feel joy, and it shouldn’t.

Everything in this nasty world has an expiry date then how can we dare to say that relationships are meant to last forever? It’s Okay! If one fine day everything ends up at least we know that nothing can break us.

Love knows no bounds. And it's okay to love someone single sidedly. Even if that feeling is unreciprocated, you know you gave your best. You loved with everything you had. And if they didn't love you back, it's okay. You don't always have to win. That wasn't a relationship, so moving on is quite tough but not impossible. You can choose to walk away from everything that makes you feel strangled. It's totally on you. You can choose to walk away and that won't mean you wanted to, but sometimes you've gotta save yourself because no one really stays, unless they truly love you. And, you know this too.

Let's stay in love for a while.


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