Moments Unpredictable... #MOMENTSUNPREDICTABLE sto

"Moments Unpredictable..."


Moments Unpredictable...

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I was busy entertaining my tastebuds through different dishes one fine evening. It was around 6 o' clock and this was the time when daily I had to keep my room clean as Aryan, the love of my life comes to meet me . I was almost done and there I heard a knock at my door.
I quickly responded and answered " Wait for 2 minutes outside, I am coming."
As soon as I opened the door he gave me a tight hug and kissed my forehead. This was nothing new. Then as usual he will have lots and lots of things to tell me.
But that day something was different .What was that difference I had no clue but I felt something usual. He sat on my couch and asked me for a mug of coffee.I was astonished to hear that. I asked him back.
"Did you just asked me for coffee?"
"Yes, of course," he said and smile.
Now, that was unusal. He hates coffee , just opposite of mine. And suddenly he asked me for it. Still i ignored. After 5 minutes I handed him a mug of coffee. I sat beside him a watched with amazement as things were not clear. He finished his coffee and started a normal conversation. Listening it, I felt relaxed. Hours passed, like other days we were busy gossiping , teasing and cuddling each other.
Time flew like anything and by now it was 10 p.m and it was time for Aryan to leave my place. I felt bad , I gave him a tight hug and bid him Good bye. In return , he missed my for head and bid goodbye to me also.
The next morning was very special for me as it was my birthday ( 16th December, 2018). Girls have too many wishes generally to wish for many but let me tell you neither I wish for so many things nor will I get anything I wish for. Reason behind that is First, my parents don't stay with me , so they can't celebrate my birthday. I remember once I have received a gift from them through courier. But nothing after that they only wish and bless me. And that is enough for me.
And Secondly , that my cute , loving boyfriend Aryan does not like celebrating b'day. For Aryan , Birthdays are just like other days. So being a girl I can't even imagine that my boyfriend will do or plan any surprise for me neither I can expect that he will gift me something romantic like other girls wish for.

I finished up with my daily morning routine and thought of calling but then I thought that I should wait and check if he really remember my birthday. So I drop this plan of calling him and started checking my Facebook, watsaap and Instagram notification as so many people have wished me . So I was spending my day enjoying my virtual world . But somewhere in my heart I was sad I wanted Aryan to wish me first .
Suddenly my phone rang with the ringtone ' So baby pull me closer.....' and I quickly pick the call. It was my parents on the other side of the phone.
" Happy B'day beta, may Maa Durga bless you with all the happiness in this world", said my Mother.
" Thankyou maa", I said.
"Where is baba? He Did not wish me yet", I said.
"After he is free , he will wish you . Okay beta I am leaving and you enjoy your day", she said and finally hung up the call.
I was Happy . But my mind keeps fluctuating with the thought that it would have been so nice if Aryan would have wished me or even messaged me once. It was lunch time and it was 28th time when I had checked my phone if Aryan had left any message for me. But unfortunately there wasn't any. I made lunch and after having lunch I went of for my beauty sleep.
I woke up at 4 p.m in the evening and "Ting-tong " my bell rang. I tied my hair in a messy knot, put my slippers and went towards the door.
"Wait I am coming." And as I opened the door to my surprise my crazy friends shouted "Surprise......".
I was Happily speechless. I don't know what to say and how to react. They shouted they wished me,few were jumping , sang song. What a pleasant sight that was ! They were so happy and seeing them I was Happy too.
I asked everyone to settle down and one of my friend, Rita spoke," Go birthday girl , dress good. You know you should look like a queen."
She help me to dress up well. And when I came back what I saw was unbelievable.
I saw Aryan holding a big bouquet of Red Roses and a big parcel. I stand speechless , tears roll down my cheeks. He came forward and said, "Happy birthday Love. I know u thought I forgot your birthday but how can that happen? This was my plan to surprise you with your lovely friends."
My friends came forward and Hugged me too.
That moment I felt like a queen ! I felt blessed to have such wonderful friends and a caring boy friend. And the biggest unpredictable thing was that Aryan who do not like all these things became apart of the celebration just to see a smile on my face.
After the celebration my friends bid me good bye and Aryan whispered to my ears, " Love you Princess , take care .Bytheway morning coffee was awesome. I would love to have from now onwards. "
I went closer and kissed him on his cheeks.
"Thanks for making my Birthday special", I said.
He smilled and left.

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