A Tiny Tale Of Love(Part 4) 'Where have you been,R

A Tiny Tale Of Love(Part 4)
'Where have you been,Rohan? I had been looking for you all over.',exclaimed Shyaam. 'Hi..!',said Rohan sadly. 'Well,that's not a happy Hi! What happened? Is there anything wrong?',asked Shyaam. 'I talked to Raj...And he told me that Priya liked Seenu.',answered Rohan woefully. Shyaam felt sorry for Rohan but he said,'Don't worry, Rohan! You'll find someone better than Priya.' 'There is no one better than Priya...She is the best for me.',responded Rohan.


Manaali and Sakshi were chattering after class when Raj walked in. 'Hii Sakshi...Hii Manaali..',said Raj. 'Hii Raj...I know you are here to talk to Sakshi... I will go and leave you two lovebirds alone.',said Manaali smilingly and left.

'Hii Raj...How are you doing? Did you miss me?',asked Sakshi. 'Yeah..I missed you..Did you miss me?',said Raj. 'Yes..a lot'said Sakshi blushingly. 'Raj clasped her hands and was going to pull her into a hug when Priya came in. 'Oops! Wrong timing..!',said Priya and left. Raj

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