society vs. me I haven't seen you crying, Unless I

society vs. me
I haven't seen you crying,
Unless I talk about those nights full of stars,
When you and me were alone on terrace,
Laughing on each and every stupid decision of our lives,
& that were too of joy,
I haven't seen you crying from then,
But,today when I saw you doing that,
My heart broke down,
My soul got shattered into millions of pieces,
I just wanted to b with you today,
Just giving you a tight hug and a shoulder to cry on,
But,this is something my destiny don't want me to do,
Because I'm on this side of screen,
Thousands of miles away from you,
Caged inside a small world,
Carrying the pressure of work,religion,culture,and life.
Our paths are different,
But,I want to come to you,
But,my Destiny doesn't want me to do this,
I know in order to reach to you I have to enter in
The rat trap of love,
& once I entered in this,
The spikes of society & reality will tear apart,
Each and every cell of mine...

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