An Open Letter to rommates! (Read the Caption) Goo

"An Open Letter to rommates! (Read the Caption)"

An Open Letter to rommates!
(Read the Caption)

An Open Letter to rommates! (Read the Caption)

Good days or bad! Harsh situations or crazy fights, we've all seen everything together. The situations we laughed, the silly discussions we made are now converted to memories. Memories, that will give us the glance of how we were transformed into a mature by dealing with the circumstances. I want you to know that many a times our friendship was in trouble, but like always we managed to keep it alive. Our bond build more strong after every fight. But the basis of our friendship was trust. I trust you as always. I may sometimes speak more and ruin the situation but I know you are there to handel me. The cancelled trips, raat ki jugaad ki hui maggi, poori poori raat ka bday celebration was fierce and unforgettable. I feel today that it's only 1 month ago we were put together in a same hostel room, and were seeing each other who's gonna be bold and not cry seeing their parents leaving them. But the reality is it's time to end the graduation and focus on the career ahead. The best part was the study time... The way we distributed the topics among ourselves and then cried one night before exams was a habit. The movie nights, the way we finished all the episodes of web series together could be counted in world record. The more I think of the more I get swayed in the ocean of endless moments which we enjoyed together. We made our own little happy family accepting all the flaws of each other and enjoying every moment with each other. I know it's hard to leave the place where we opened up in our colours, but the life is much more to explore. At the end I want to say you that the best phase of my life was with you. I love you and will always miss you forever❤️

Your's crazy rommie
Yashi 🙈

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