MONEY Our world has become materialistic People he

Our world has become materialistic
People here want to make more money
None of the values today are realistic
We all use sugar free instead of natural honey

Money has increased people's greed
People earn money to satisfy their needs and to fulfil their wills
Addiction to earn more money is a dangerous weed
Everyone become depressed when they have to pay all their bills

Money has divided the society into poor and rich
It has increased distances between them
Money sometimes become black magic of an evil witch
Who wants to ruin their life and also them

Members of rich families are jealous of the wealth of each other
Sometimes money is the reason for a happy family's division
Many children after acquiring money do not keep their father and mother
And after that parents suffer because of their blind faith and their decision

Today money is the main reason for corruption
As it is is the easiest way to get your work done
But it is worst than a volcanic irruption
As poor always suffer and people who enjoy are always the rich one

Earning money is necessary for living
But it should not be the to live on earth
You should have a nature of giving
Because your character definitely has more worth

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