lust in love Don't ever say she never loved you, D

lust in love
Don't ever say she never loved you,
Don't you even dare,
I'll kill you if you'll spread rumours about her,
I don't know her,
But,I know this,that her love was true for you,
If you think she's a cheater,
I dare you,I dare you to go into your room and look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself that who you are?
I know that it's your reflection and it'll not answer,
So let me give this opportunity,
So,you are a small-minded person,
Who abrogates the girl who loves you,
On what she should wear,
You're the one who judges girls on the basis of their cloths,
You're the one from those 99 percent creeps of the men's society who don't allow their sisters to chat with any boy,
But,want to talk to a girl whole night,
You're the one who beat the girl who loves you in the name of love,
And,even after that immense level of torture she respcts you,
Then,how can you say she doesn't love you,
You told me about one of those stories,
When she was on her menstruations,
And you forced her to sleep with you,
She said no many times,
And at the end she slept with you after that deadly pain too,
& she been submissive,
after all the things you did to her
she was submissive even after that eternal pain,
And now you're saying that she's a slut and character less,
She isn't but try to recall that she said no,
But,it was you who forced her,
So,for the sake of your love,
She did it,
And accepted that pain too,
So,before saying anything about her,
Let me say it very clearly to you,
That she isn't characterless but you are.
And you are the one who doesn't deserve to be with a girl of such beautiful nature,
And remember one thing,
When lust comes in between love,
Love becomes a crime,
And you,
A Criminal...

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