Dus saal ek pinjre mein kaid rahe toh aazadi ki b

"Dus saal ek pinjre mein kaid rahe toh aazadi ki bheek mangte rahe.. Aur jab aakhir mein aazadi mili, yab pijmnjre se 'PYAAR' ho gaya tha.."

Translation: "10 years, when we were captured in the prison, we begged for freedom... And finally when we were finally free, at that time, we were in Love with the prison...."

This line makes me burst me into tears.. I know, it does that for everyone... The Prison here is our school, which is the only place where moments become memories...

I remember, when I first went to school, I cried... Now, when I'm leaving school, I' m crying... I can't even think of my life without my school. When we were young, we used to find a reason to miss our school. But now, I'm finding a reason to go to school.

The fun in teasing F·R·I·E·N·D·S, playing, fighting and again apologising each other, troubling the teachers, awaiting school trips, annual days, sooooooo many hands in a single lunchbox, daily journey to school by bicycle, first crush *blushhhh*, getting scolded by teachers, dumb cherades and antakshari games, bunking the classes, commanding the juniors, using more offensive words than the one used on you, last moment studies, discussions during exams, group studies, singing songs immaturely, humiliating each other, birthday bumps and parties, crazy selfies, sharing secrets in a slam book, keeping nicknames for teachers, calling by surnames, scribbling or doing calculations on the last page, friends foreseeing our future by some stupid calculations, friendship calculators, having a single enemy, passing time away, daydreaming etc. is what I'd miss most about my school.

I know the list is tooooooo long, but is doesn't end there folks, if I could write more, I would

The biggest bitter truth I fear is the seperation from my friends. Of course, I'll find new ones, but not any one like in my school.

That's what social is for!!! But the closliness which I found in school is tough to find on social media. I wanna make the most of my minutes while in here.

I also share a bonding with my teachers who helped me in my all the steps till here. I'm wroting this only because of my teachers who taught me to read and write.

"SCHOOL DAYS ARE THE GOLDEN DAYS" They say. But, this is totally WRONG!!!!!!!

School days are precious than any diamond,platinum and ruby in this world. It is something we can't expound in any means, but only felt.

It'd be hard to overcome the emotions of leaving my school, but that's what I learnt in here. Overcoming the emotions and preparing for the future.


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