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Thanks dear site, For making me turn towards the bright... For not asking me, who am I or for asking what I should write... Thanks dear site, for counting my posts, I fast I am and from how long I kept Quite...😊 Thanks dear site, I am like falling for first love of my life, Like you so much for helping me to boost up myself, on those rockey... boring...tense...worse... tiered... confused and sick days of life... Setting too many goals is toxic at times... I realised that so well, We should spend sometime doing things we love the most. Whether it's a tiny poem or a beautiful rhythm of love... that makes hearts shine... you helped me to rescue myself from a self hurting crime 😊 @Annie #Annie #Nojoto #ThankingNoteForTheCuteSite. Follow Annie. Download Nojoto App to get real time updates about Annie & be part of World's Largest Creative Community to share Writing, Poetry, Quotes, Art, Painting, Music, Singing, and Photography; A Creative expression platform. Poetry By Annie | Nojoto Poetry on Poetry, Nojoto, Annie, ThankingNoteForTheCuteSite. Poetry Poetry, Nojoto Poetry, Annie Poetry, ThankingNoteForTheCuteSite Poetry


3 months ago

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Written By : Annie

A Krishna Lover...

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