ANHONI : Hone Ko Hai (The Horror Show) - By Kapil | English Video

ANHONI : Hone Ko Hai (The Horror Show) - By Kapil Nayyar

Friday, 11 September | 09:00 pm

Price: ₹9.00


Turn out the lights, lock the doors tight, and let the sights and sounds from the stories coming scare you into the spine-chilling fright.😱😨 We have summoned the most scary stories in the series of "ANHONI - Hone Ko Hai". The narrator and host of the show Kapil Nayyar is ready to take all of us to a very scary ride of the most unusual spooky stories of the most dreaded places.☠🧟‍♂🧟‍♀ So get ready in the spirit of exploring some of the creepiest corners of the world. Book your tickets now!🧛🏻‍♀🎃

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