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A Twisted Love Story (Part 2)
( It's a figment of my imagination. I don't mean to disparage any organization,community or nation.)

In Lahore...

Natasha had been waiting for the next flight to England when Rehaan walked towards her. She was surprised to see him. He hauled her up to her feet and dragged her with him. She tried to free herself but he didn't let her go. He took her inside what looked like an unused office. Before she could say anything, Rehaan said,"I love you Natasha."
Natasha was confused but then she realized he had called her by her name. How did he..? She asked him how he knew her name. Rehaan said,"I am an ISI agent and I have my sources. It's my job to know about people. I know that you are only child of your parents..a doctor working with MFS...oh and your parents are looking for a decent guy for you to get married." gasped..she didn't know what to say. Rehaan continued," I am a decent enough guy and I want to marry you."
Natasha was dismayed. After a while she stammered," I d don't want t to marry you." And she started to leave. Rehaan caught her by the wrist and said,"You don't have any choice in the matter. You are mine and we are getting married."
Natasha started to realize the extremity of her situation. She was all alone in a foreign country and nobody was there to help her. Tears came down her eyes. She got disoriented. Rehaan was saying something but she didn't understand a word of it. He shook her and repeated,"I love you was a love at first site..and I will always keep you happy ...I will take care of your every need."
Natasha was in a shock. It couldn't happen to her. Things like this belong in a book or on tv not in real life.

She reasoned and pleaded with Rehaan. Finally she begged him to let her go to her parents but he was unmoved and said,"Natasha you belong to me now and that's that."
Natasha got filled with rage at his insolence and her own helplessness. She mustered her courage and said,"I will never marry you. Do whatever you want." Rehaan stared at her for a while and then he picked her up and threw her over his shoulder. Natasha screamed,"What the hell are you doing?" Rehaan said,"I was going to wait to make you mine until after we got married but as you are not going to marry me I don't need to wait any longer." He threw her down on the table. She started thrashing about but she was no match for him. He pinned her beneath him. Natasha cried out,"I will marry you...please stop...please...wait till we get married." Rehaan pulled her up. She was crying. Rehaan felt sorry for her and tried to calm her down but she pushed him away. But he persisted and pulled her into a hug. Again he stated,"You are mine Natasha."

It was Natasha's wedding day and she was full of apprehension. The wedding ceremony was hazy. She kept thinking,"What will the night bring? Will she have to give her virginity to someone who abducted her? Rehaan hasn't touched her until now but what will happen after marriage? What will she do when he demands that she surrender to him?"

Rehaan made her sign some papers and they became man and wife.

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A Twisted Love Story(Part 1)

(It's a figment of my imagination. I don't meant to disparage any organization,community or nation.)

Natasha Kapoor was flying back home. Home! How she missed home and her parents. It had been almost a month since she saw them. She was an only child of her parents and at the age of 24,they were still very protective of her. She remembered how hard it had been to persuade her parents to let her come to Pakistan. She was one of the doctors working with Medecins Sans Frontieres. MSF helped people worldwide where the need was greatest,delivering emergency medical aid to people affected by conflicts,epidemics,disasters or exclusion from health care. It had been her first project with MSF and she liked helping underprivileged people.

Somebody sat next to her and pulled her out of her reverie. She saw a beautiful couple with a cute boy aged about 5. The boy was restless and his parents had to settle him down. The woman gave her a polite smile and started a conversation. They had been chatting when a guy moved past them through the aisle. The guy stopped for a minute and looked at Natasha.
Natasha felt someone staring at her and looked up. There was a guy looking at her intently. The first thought that came to Natasha's mind was how handsome he was. She had stopped mid-sentence and was staring at him. The woman looked from her to the guy she was staring at and cried out, 'Rehaan Khan...Rehaan Khan!' The guy..err..Rehaan Khan flashed her a beautiful smile and proceeded to take his seat. The woman ran after him and Natasha heard her ask him for an autograph. So he was a celebrity! He must be a movie star, thought Natasha. When the woman came back, she was gleefully smiling. She told Natasha how big a fan of Rehaan Khan she was! He was her favourite pop star. She kept talking about him...

Natasha glanced at Rehaan Khan and realised he was looking at her. She quickly looked away. Rehaan couldn't help but smile. She was really beautiful. He would like to know with her. He was deep in thoughts when the air hostess started giving instructions. He blocked her out and tried to get some sleep. They had been airborne for almost half an hour when he heard shrieks from around him. He woke up with a start. He saw three men holding guns. One of them announced that they had hijacked the plane. Some people started crying, others were screaming. The terrorists intimidated the people into silence. One of them went to the cockpit,while other two kept guard.

Natasha was terrified. She couldn't believe what had just happened. She thought she was never going to see her parents again. The thought made her dizzy and she felt as if she was going to pass out. Then all of a sudden she saw Rehaan Khan getting up from his seat and tackle one of the terrorists, it all happened in a flash.Rehaan pushed him down and throttled him. The second man came ready to gun him down but Rehaan lunged at him snatching the gun away from him. He then hit the man with the butt of the gun and knocked him unconscious. The third terrorist came out running but before he could do anything Rehaan shot him down. It was all over within minutes.

Rehaan walked into the cockpit and showed the pilot his I.D. which stated he was an ISI agent. Then he ordered him to fly back to Lahore.

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Sarah is dead. It has been 10 days since she died. I still can't believe she's gone. They say she commited suicide. I don't buy that. She was my best friend. I knew her well. She was full of life. She was smart ,beautiful, funny and popular. Many a girls were jealous of her. My theory is that some jealous bitch killed her. I tried telling people Sarah would never kill herself. I should know as I murdered her.

We had been best of friends since childhood.But she never cared about me. When we were in 1st grade, she became the teachers' pet. When we were in 3rd grade,she beat me in a drawing competition. When we were in 5th grade,she beat me in a dance competition. When we were in 8th grade,she beat me in a debate competition. And it went on and on. She had to beat me at everything. I was tired of being second best all the time. She always got better grades than me. She was more beautiful than me. She was more popular than me. Boys always liked her more than me. It was as if I didn't exist when she was around.

In every relationship one has to give and take. She took,took and took and I gave,gave and gave. It had to stop one day. The day came when while roaming hills I pushed her off the cliff. Yes...I murdered her and I have no regret.

You know what is the worst part about your best friend's death? People keep reminding you of it by saying they are sorry for your loss. They don't need to know it was my biggest gain.
People were coming to terms with Sarah's death. They accepted it was a suicide. Even the police closed the case. I couldn't be happier. Good riddence!
It was a quarter after 10 o'clock at night. I was getting ready to go to bed. I got startled by blowing of cold wind. 'The window must have been left open.',thought I.I went to close the window but to my surprise it was already closed. By the time the whole room had become cold. I took off my sleepers and got into the bed pulling a comforter around me. I switched off the light and went to sleep. I must have slept for half an hour when I heard my name being spoken in a whisper.
I got up with a start. It was dark all around. Still I was able to see a white shadow in a corner of my room. I looked closely and realized it was Sarah. I screamed and leapt out of bed. I tried to get out of my room but the door wouldn't open. The shadow I mean Sarah was coming near to me...I blacked out.
The next morning I woke up on the cold hard floor. I looked around me but no one was there. It must have been a nightmare. Maybe my conscience was catching up with me.

'Ha! Your conscience! As if you had one.', scoffed Sarah and said,'I would return the favour.'

I was terrified. I could hear Sarah whispering my name all the time. Everytime I opened my eyes there she was staring at me. I begged her to leave me alone but she wouldn't. I couldn't sleep at night. I couldn't function during the day. I was going crazy. Finally, I found a solution. I knew it was desperate of me but I had to do it. The torturing had to stop.

The next day there was a headline screaming the death of Rachel Granger. It stated that she had committed suicide by throwing herself off the cliff. Only Sarah and I knew it was a murder.

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