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Krishnadasi Sanatani

jasmine of december I am a CHANGE, dragonfly of pearls. DELIRIOUS CHARM OF OBTRUSIVE KNOWLEDGE Sunayana is dodging her ball towards poetry, motivational speaker, volunteer and a photographer. Her 100+ anthologies as a coauthor, her conferred post in Fuzia and Your quote relentlessly gelled up her writing mode. Receiving 15 + prestigious writing awards from India via Eagle network award to Bharatiya National Award, Cherry book award, applause award, she is acknowledged well by many. An apple of their daughter of Late Shree Sudeep Kayastha and Namrata Kayastha, is well cherished for inspiration of India, and in Republic times of India. Recently she is engaged in a recent reality show The Poet Idol and attended The face Volume 3 pageant show bagging awards like Public choice award and Empowering women award via KNOW ME THROUGH 1. ED TIMES 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Writer, Award winner of spectrum award, standing ovation award and bharatiya youth face award 2021, Firefox book award winner 2021. Nojoto chaupal winner Representative for Writer Capital Foundation International Ambassador for Peace in World forum of peace and human rights. Rain drinker, Rosebud in icicles craving for maizes of beauty and knowledge. Coauthor of 20 + books Winner of your quote "The writer junction" Bronze award winner for Literature Lover of Association Fuzia writer, award winner contestant for Raindrop Company.

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Krishnadasi Sanatani

#सुनी_सुनाई_बातें  #roadsideromeo 
#laugh #Memes #Meme #Nojoto 
#haso #story #life #me 

hillo jasmindar wa bolat rahi

chaman k baagiyan ma
sona ka papad (sonpapad) nahi ughathe 
naahi chalathe pyajo ka bola bala
samajhgaye aajkal k roadside romeo 


samajhliyo qaaide ki baat 😂
kehrahe haiii