Shaera shines

Shaera shines Lives in Kolkata, West Bengal, India

A wanderlust girl lost in her world of dream 🎇tryinng to pen my unbound thoughts🤗 music is drugs😍 karate is passion😎

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I am raped with eyes

Everyone sees with eyes but who has the guts to rape with it ..
There's no one who can understand it better , I am raped , raped by their eyes , every single day I walk on the street , I am aware of being raped through their eyes !!

Yes , I am raped and I cannot explain how it feels to be raped without being touched , in a crowded bus , I can feel his breath on my neck , his pinch at my back along with a sorry , 60 seconds , On a traffic signal , I can see a bunch of lustful eyes gaping at me . While shopping I can feel him staring down at my shirt , trying ti go through my cleavage .
As if I am a piece of flesh ... he stares my legs , my neck , my every single part , yet I have to greet them with a smile .

I am raped at 7 , at 17 , at 27 even at 70 ... yeah that 18 year boy who waits for him school bus down the roaf , I am aware thar he's looking at me with a smirk . I know he had raped me thrice daily in his imagination from my home to my work . I am raped , raped 15 times a day . I am raped by those eyes staring me through rear view mirror , even my cousins and uncle rape me through the games that they play !! The rape games , I can feel them oozing over my shape of breasts .

I cannot speak , I feel numb ,
This is the worst part I am raped
through the rape games by them , whom
I can't blame I can't shout , I can't cry ,
I just can't ....
Its a reality every single day every night every single hour single second
I am raped .

- Shaera

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lovestrory by Taylor swift

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