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Akash Verma Lives in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

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Am I enough to tell you that you're the only destination I want to reach for a long time? I have traveled enough to distinguish between the wrong and right paths, and you see I have another good part of my journey, for me, that's you.

Am I enough to tell you that ocean doesn't have that depth any more than you have in your eyes, I have seen millions of dreams taking birth beneath that tiny one of yours? They are so beautiful, and that I'm afraid, the word beautiful can lose its meaning someday.

Am I enough to tell you that you're not just a soul I see through my eyes, they are wide just like that galaxy full of stars and planets? Getting lost in them is not an option as they have the own Sun and stars as I have you,

Am I enough to tell you that we all are worthy of love we get in our lives? The beautiful irony it holds is that you can never run being full and stay hungry forever.

Am I enough to tell you if someday if you run out of love. I will be enough to fulfill your soul with desired values it always needed for that long, even when we are miles apart just like the heat of the Sun still falls on the Earth even when they are million years apart.

Am I enough to tell you somehow if you haven't felt what is to breath when you're under pressure of the whole world on your shoulders? You can rely upon mine. It will be there just like a soul to a body, a child with no worries to takes; the care moms have for there little ones even when they have grown enough and many more to tell.

Am I enough to tell you that I'm willing to play with you even when I have the burden of doing works? Those pillow fights before the nap or just getting mad on each for not kissing before and after the sleep. The morning coffee would be so jealous of me while I will be first to touch the ground of your lips.

Am I enough to tell you that even when my little knowledge of vocabulary, my words will be able to say to you millions of feelings I carry just for you? I give more vowels it i,o, and u than any other words can ever take its place.

Am I enough to tell you that you're not so lucky, but I'm to have you? It's not a year yet, and still, it feels I have lived enough to die with ease as you have given me so much more than anyone can ever deserve.

Trust me; you're worth every microsecond we skip in those thousands of minutes.


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