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David Lipari Lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States


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Mad max:fury road
In my mind
A certain madness from the past
It grew from a tiny pool
To an ocean in an instant
Then over time the water dried
And gave birth to a desert
A world of murk and sand
Of fire and gasoline

a breath of chrome
Brings you to your knees
Then it's on your way
To the other side

A Mouth full of desert
And a lung full of spray
Makes a shiny boy so happy today

A symphony of flames
Let the blind man see
the drums of war will
guide your disbelief

Snow white and the seven dwarfs

I hate you cause I hate myself
I don't feel good enough
So I choose to waste my time
Abusing others

I used to be so fair
The fairest in the land in fact
But it's all about the newest thing
The latest craze for all to sing about

Oh I'm sick of hearing bout you
All the time
I'm sick of all the songs you sing
You are no friend of mine
You're just the competition
So of my own volition
I remove you from this race
I can't wait to debace your pretty face

I want you out of my company
You steal all the attention
So I'm pulling out the thorn
Lodged in my crown

I'm gonna be so fair
Once I have your heart my dear
A precious souvenir
Is all that will remain of you forever.


Mommas got a thing to say about
Everything these days
She criticizes what I do
Calls them my "wicked ways"
She says That I am damaged
And was born for her to save
Momma got a crazy way to love me

She spends the mornings in her chair
Rocking to the songs of Fred Astaire
And once the night comes she rises up
To cleanse the deeds of her sick and wounded pup

It's a necessary evil she will say
Son you know it has to be this way
No one loves you like your mother
Your lucky that we have Each other
Cause otherwise you'd be alone inside

Mommas got a twisted way
Of showing that she cares
There are no lengths she wouldn't go
She's selflessly impaired
She says that we are damaged
What a kooky pair
Mommas got a crazy way to love me


The working class are in the dark
They've lost their spot on the rescue Ark
as long as the suits are taking charge
The rags will be abandoned

the people will suffer their share of scars
With the fare being charged to the poor at large
what happens when the meek turn the other cheek
The sharks get an entire face to eat

The whole wide world stopped making sense a long long time ago

The evil dead

To be young. And not dead
To be free. And well read
To be lighter. Than air
I gotta say. Its my favorite place

To be raising hell at the cabin yeah(2xs)

Such love we possess
For our fellow guests
We should get some rest
Cause something tells me that the dawn is gonna be so grand
And we're sure to see it

I gotta say. Its my favorite place

To be raising hell at the cabin yeah (2xs)

Oh can't you tell…. I'm a cabin man

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Ghost - #Poetry #songlyrics

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#Poetry #songlyrics

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Song improv based on the film 'Green Room'
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Song improv based on the film 'Green Room'
#Movies #Music #songs #acoustic #improv

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Boo! Spaceman. Boo! (A Short Tale)

The house looked alive from the darkened street. It had giant eyes and reptilian scales. And a mouth that was waiting patiently to swallow whole all who dared to enter it.

Captain rusty Jones of the starship leviathan made his way towards the beast. With sweaty palms and a pounding heart he marched bravely on. He had never before egnored a distress call and he wasn't about to start. Especially not when this particular call had come from his former first mate Timmy bear.

He had received the call via radio signal a week prior. Although it was hard to make out what timmy was saying exactly, it was clear enough to tell he was in serious trouble. Fortunately he was able to trace the signal to this very location. But the truth was that he would have been happier being literally anywhere else.

Captain jones approached the front door and grabbed the giant vampirically shaped knocker that hung upon it. He then swung it down repeatedly making a loud resounding thud like chains against a stone floor. He waited several seconds but no answer was given. He tried again and waited once more. But still no one answered.

"Hello?" He called. "Tim!….its Captain Rusty Jones of the starship Leviathan". Again no answer was heard. He had reached his level of patience. "I'm coming in!" He warned and violently kicked open the Gothic door.

The captain pulled his pulse laser and aimed it at the dust filled darkness in front of him. He switched on the laser's spotlight to illuminate the house and stepped through the beasts mouth. He was now inside.

The house was filled with room to room furniture. All of it was covered in about an inch of thick cakey white dust that appeared to be left over from the last century or so.

The captain applied a breathing apparatus to his face so he could breathe properly. "Timmy boy!" He cried. The mask slightly muffled his words but they were still clear enough to make out. He spotted the main staircase to the second floor and began to climb it.

He kept his pace slow and weary. He was weapon ready for anything that might pop its ugly head out at him. He reached the second floor and the beginning of a long hallway. From where he was standing It appeared to be endless.

Suddenly he heard a child's giggling. The sound seemed to pass from left right. It was followed by the sound of tiny footsteps and a slamming door behind him. He turned around. But nothing was there. Only a hall full of closed doors. Which was too many deadly options to suit his liking.

"What the hell is going on here!". "I demand an answer!" Urged the captain. The door just to the right of him began to slowly creak open. It was a torturous sound that went on forever. He pointed his light at the door. The creaking stopped.

Captain Jones starred patiently at the opening of this mysterious room waiting for whatever was to come next. Then a gentle whisper visited upon his left ear "This is not your house".

The captain screamed in terror, spinning back around towards where the whisper had come from and fired his pulse laser. The blast hit nothing but wall that exploded into a thousand tiny pieces of wood and plaster, hit the floor beneath it. Nothing was there.

"What in the hell…..?" Asked the captain. But there was no one there to answer him. It was only when he decided to turn his attention back to the adjacent door that he could finally get a reply. The light on his laser blew out leaving the captain enguffled in total darkness. He screamed a scream for no one to hear. It would be his last. And he would never see the stars again.

#ShortStory #horror #SciFi #Stories

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