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Adam W Rodriguez Lives in Austin, Texas, United States

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For Carrie Fisher
I painted this right after Carrie Fisher passed away. I was on vacation and didn't have my art supplies. I went to an art store and bought a sketchbook and some cheap watercolors and crayons. I drew most of that night and nothing was good enough. Then I drew this.
A moment after the battle of Endor was over and the Death Star was destroyed. I imagined Leah visiting the ashes of her father. I imagined she picked up his red light saber. The moment hung in my mind. so I colored the piece.
Everything I have ever read and seen about Carrie Fisher tells me she was an awesome, loving, and passionate person. A person to be admired. a person who will be sorely missed. Rest in Peace, my princess. You will always have a piece of my heart.

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100APC#3 For Kramer

I painted this early last year for my niece, Kramer. She totally rules. We, the family, often call her, Bug, because of her love for lady bugs.
I wanted to challenge myself by drawing things that were less macabre. I have found that potential buyers are much more receptive to soft or cute things. I managed to produce this. This was a labor of love.

Unfortunately my darling niece lives several hours away from me, so I wasn't aware that her love for lady bugs had since passed. Her mother, my sister in law, loved this piece. So I gave it to her for Christmas this last year.

Kramer is one of my heroes. She is smart, beautiful, and extremely competitive. She is not afraid of hard work to achieve excellence. Her sense of kindness, humor, and honor make me proud every day.

Work hard. Work with love in your soul. The rewards will always warm you.

Thanks for reading.

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For Kenny Baker
I am not sure I can express how much Star wars has influenced me. I was born in 1973 and there has never been a moment that I can recall that a Star wars did not exist. Every character is beloved by me. The imagination and awesomeness of that franchise in its beginnings was pure inspiration.

Kenny Baker, as many of you know, played R2D2. He is a dwarf who sat inside the R2D2 suit and puppeteered R2's movements. The movie Time Bandits , great movie BTW, featured Kenny Baker with a speaking role. I remember being so excited that he was R2D2.

I must admit, when I watched The Force Awakens I spent most of the film with tears in my eyes. That same old feeling of inspiration returned every time one of the old characters returned. Even R2D2 sitting there motionless brought a lump in my throat and tears down my cheeks.

It wasn't long after that the late great Kenny Baker passed away. My heart was heavy, so I painted this. A moment on Dagobah where these two old veterans against the dark side crossed paths again. Old friends greeting each other.

May the force be with you.

Thanks for reading.

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100 APC#5: Robot Kraken

This one was inspired by the D&D game I was running at the time. The game centered around an enemy that was a haunted suit of giant armor that could transform into metallic creatures.

The final battle the players faced this monstrosity. A colossal metal Kraken. Only two of the six players survived. it was epic.

And yes. My nerdery knows no bounds.

Thanks for reading.

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So I Made A Meme
I wanted to make Meme. I mean everyone else was doing it. I decided to parody that silly meme where Batman is slapping Robin across the head for saying dumb things. Also I was looking for any excuse I could to draw a picture of Chewbacca.

I know a lot of fans have mixed feelings about the prequels. The biggest complaint has always been the introduction of the infamous Jar Jar Binks. But I noticed the kids really enjoyed the antics of the odd amphibious alien. Many of the same critics of Binks are also same cats who hate the ewoks. These elements were designed for the younger audience. I know that as a boy, I freaking LOVED ewoks. I had all the plastic toys. I knew all their names, I made ewok noises until my parents locked me outside.

So I've made my peace with the likes of Jar Jar Binks. He is for the kids. This meme is for the rest of us.

Thanks for reading.

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