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Arvind Passey Lives in Delhi, Delhi, India

Writer. Poet. Columnist. Blogger.

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Note: Thoughts on seeing #Human dwellings as we were landing in #Mumbai. #Travel *
Packed in boxes

Neatly stacked, one over the other
Boxes hug humanity like a mother
Sometimes laid out in even or uneven
Long or short series that never bother
Those above or beyond their reach

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Note: The female pigeon had laid an egg and then walked a few paces on the ledge before she died. Her carcass was thrown. All this happened while the male was away in search for food. Now the male goes nowhere but paces up and down making sounds that seem like he is calling her.

The confused male pigeon

I stand guard here on this ledge
No harm shall come near our egg
See, I don't fly away but pace

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Mushrooming is so like Delhi. Just as the population in the city mushrooms to unmanageable limits, everything else does... art, poetry, reading habits, online existence, and creative expressions merge seamlessly with traffic woes, greed of the official machinery, builder mafia, crime, insecurity of both men and women, and rage all around. For a brief moment I though this installation near AIIMS is such an appropriate reflection of all that Delhi represents.

#Delhi #mushroom #art #Society #peopl

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Bring together #TulsiRamPrajapati #chandigarh and #DeadTrees and what you will get are #treeSculptures. After #wallart it is now the turn of #tree #art to capture the imagination of creative souls. However, in the equation in the first line, if you happen to add #chandigarhmunicipalcorporation then what you create are mind sets ready to asphyxiate art.
Vigyan path in Chandigarh is where the #Travel enthusiast can come across art on dead trees. Well, the truth is that even the locals of this #ci

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Lines dedicated to Stephen Hawking
"I’m not afraid of death, but I’m in no hurry to die. I have so much I want to do first."
- Stephen Hawking

To the stars and beyond

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