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News: Another snake found inside Vidhan Sabha. 26 April 2018. Who says there is no poetry in news?

Appeal to politicians

Come on guys, I'm just a snake
In the cooling system, barely awake
I get my learning from the MLAs
And all their somnambulant ways.
Yes, I may bite but never kill
No poison in my teeth or mind
Unlike your leaders who always will
Ingenius ways to kill will find.
I come from the ridge where I have stayed
My home you guys have now destroyed
What choice had I but to have strayed
Homeless, helpless, and undeployed.
From afar, this move, I thought
Might get my enterprise some applause
And then for me and my lot
You'd deliberate and bring out laws.
Maybe, we thought, you might ask
Us all to move to where MPs
Frame rules for the nation as their task
And there hiss out all our pleas.
Birds, reptiles, deer, and antelopes
Now watch your actions in despair
Their pleas ready in nature's envelopes
We thought you'd display some care!
We're diadem snakes and protected
And have a right to come and voice
Detected or maybe undetected
We must be heard, we must rejoice.
We've seen you fight without a reason
And quarrel for some miserly gain
We've seen you escape even treason
We've seen your acts in every reign.
For once, at least, listen to life
And stop destroying our habitat
We're fed up of living with this strife
And wish you cease being a brat. .
Arvind Passey
26 April 2018

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These smartphone companies do everything to make you feel like a superman!

Those who imagine well
Are forever taking off into a world
Beyond the one where we dwell
To be new ideas willing to be unfurled!

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Only I can read your smile

I love the way your smile
Turns the pages of time
Shows each moment strung in a song.
Your smile miraculously connects them all.
I love the way you smile.

I love the way your smile
Begins a new story for me
Ideas hovering at just the right temperature
Wearing variations of my moody memory.
I love the way you smile.

I love the way your smile
Sings in prose
Delivers speeches in rhymes
In a soundless universe of harmony.
I love the way you smile.

I love the way your smile
Jogs in and out of modern-day revolutions
Yet remaining flawless like the colour strokes
On a painting done centuries ago.
I love the way you smile.

I love the way your smile
Silently gives shape
To all that is going on in my mind
Guarding, guiding, and building upon nuances.
I love the way you smile.

I love the way your smile
Sketches the unsaid and the unread
Creating bridges with
What things are or what they must be.
I love the way you smile.

I love the way your smile
Enacts the seven stages and more
Without wishing to score or settle a score.
Knowing that smiles live forever only if read,
I have and will go on reading your smile.

Arvind Passey
20 April 2018
#FridayFeeling #Poetry #poem #lovepoem

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Warding off evil intentions is a full-time human obsession. Somehow most of us feel that there is always someone or the other bent upon trespassing our little zone of joy by letting lose a host of malevolent spirits and so we need protection. Every country has its special evil spirit busters... and this one is popular in this part of the globe. Green chilies and lemon strung together to be hung inside rooms, outside homes and offices, in autos, cabs, and even hanging from the handlebars of rickshaws... I've even seen a person use a fresh one each day as a bracelet!

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