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Khubsurat chehre ko sawarne ki kya zarurat ❤ Hum to saadgi m bhi qayamat ki adaa rakhte h 😘


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Snakes of this century 
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We meet different kinds of people everyday. Every human has different nature. In this different group of people we have some relatives and friends.
So, relatives are of same type in every family. But there are different types of friends.
Some friends are like "jaan qurban karne wale" and some are "career pe focus karane wale" but there is one prajaati of friends who only remember you when they need your help.
It does not mean that they love you so they only contact you in a problem. It means that they are just using you and insulting you after taking help.
It could happen with anyone.
This is the century when every person is snake but the difference is, that only  some of them are good snakes.
So, when your selfish friend comes to you in need of help then you happily help him and get involve in his problem and in return you only get hatred and 4 बाते.
After that those bad snakes dissapear and you are left alone with lots of emotions.
At that time you just think that "shayad mai hi zyada duffer and fool hu" but you are not because fool is that person who placed you in their problem and you were just innocent.
So just remember that NEVER interfare in other people's any kind of matter and never help those who just call you when they need help because they are not asking for help, they are just asking to use you and throw you when problem get solved.
So if you are getting through this kind of problem then read carefully that
any problem or heartbreak is not stronger than you. Just feel lucky because it happened with you and you experienced that. And the luckiest part is that you learnt something new in life, about life, about people so that you could be careful next time and will not let anybody to bother or harm you again.
Don't share this situation with anybody, Don't share your emotional feelings at that time with anybody, just relax and calm down. You are innocent, just promise yourself to be careful.
At last, only observe other person's behaviour, attitude etc. everything.
Do Not take action violently outside.
Take action inside yourself in improving yourself in observing others.


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(caption) #NojotoQuote

Your tears are your best friend.
When there is no one to share feelings
and your dear ones leave you alone.
It's the worst part of life when you are with someone since long time and suddenly he/she becomes really straight forward and directly tells you for breakup.

And the thing which hurts the most is
the memories and the time you spent with that person. Every special moment with that person start viewing infront of your eyes and you are helpless, because your half solumate has made his heart of leaving you.

Then you are left alone with your tearfull eyes and heart filled with lots of things you wanted to share
and brain with some simply typical questions.

In the end,you sleep with your deadly soul and wake up with fake smile of paralysed heart.

#Nojoto #tears #Pain #hurt

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होली के रंगो मे बात ही कुछ ऐसी होती है,

कि इसमे रंग का भेद-भाव भी नही देखते
बुरा मानने वाले भी इस दिन मुस्कुरा देते है। #NojotoQuote

Happy holi sabko ❤

#Nojoto #Holi

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tum jeet gy yar 
haar gaya hamara pyar aaj
haar gai har wo chiz
jo hume jodti thi
lekin galti na tmhari hai
or na meri 
tumne shayd muje samjhna ni chaha
maine shayd tumhe samjhana ni chaha
lekin mje itna to bata jate yar
tumhare liye jo yaade hai
unka kya karu 
jo pal humne sath bitaay hai
unka kya karu
tmhare liye jo ye aasu hai
unka kya kru 

dil mein basa lu 
ya tumhari tarah aage badh jau? #NojotoQuote


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i am very strong 
but still, i start crying over your little ignorance,
i am very self supportive
but still, i get hurt from your rude behaviour,
i am very confident 
but still, i get scared of your separation,
i am very understanding
but still, i get worried when u do not reply for long hours.

and this is not any psychotic behaviour,
these are only my feelings because i feel empty without you. 
You are my Weakness.
burdened weakness 😒

Sometimes i just want to quit everything 😒

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