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I see people falling in love. Everyday. They fall, in and
out. Talking about break-ups and heartbreaks. You
can also un-love someone strikes me as amusing.
I see matches being made not in heaven but on
Tinder. I sometimes wonder how are matrimonial
sites any different from online shopping. I see love
being expressed with cheesy texts and how it has
become synonymous with sex

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okk now let's talk about girls ageing myth
Truth time, friends. Bodies change on purpose. Aging
happens on purpose. Wrinkles and growth and
freckles and sagging and changes to body
composition happen.
especially for girls tb ek hi
raasta h saadi kro aur apni puri life depend hokr
dusro k sahare Jio....

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According to the CDC, suicide is now the
2nd leading cause of death among young people
In a recent study 50% of parents whose adolescent
was thinking of killing themselves were unaware of
their child's intention.
While it is not easy to discuss, silence is suicide's
best friend. .......

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"...... ...."


I just wanted to write this
When I heard of certain things today!
Does love force to do something?
No really it does not!
But what if someone ask you
How much do you you love me?
Do you reply?
I love you Infinite!

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Over 75% of people in India still watches porn even
after jts ban.
But the question is Should it really be banned?
think not.
People have mistaken that only "porn watching"
causes rape cases, eve teasing and other sexual
crimes but this is not entirely true. Many other facts
are also behind this.Now a days people always follow what is bad. I don't

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