Ezra Briscoe /The Seeker

Ezra Briscoe /The Seeker Lives in Kingston, St. Andrew Parish, Jamaica

lover of nature poetry and people

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She was a mother who had much love and care only for the welfare of her children
She was a wife who thinks only for the love of her husband
She was a friend a confidant a giver
She was a peaceful neighbor
She was a daughter horrified by the
Thought of her parents sadness
Hearing that she had cancer

It broke our hearts to loose her
But she didn't go alone
For parts of us went with her
The day God called her home

She was suffering but not alone
She was in pain but not alone
The road was rough but our love was her company
The hills was hard to climb but she had our hands to hold
It's scary to know that one day we will have to walk without her
without a mother without a sister without a wife without a daughter without a friend by our side
But deep inside we are at peace
To know that where she's gone
Is in the Father's arms
And just like a psalms
We'll forever be singing her name
Of the unforgettable memories
Of someone that was so dear
Is no longer with us.
By The Seeker


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#1liner From deep within I have summoned my will to act.

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thanking Him for keeping me safe

thanking Him for keeping me safe

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Tender heart
Why do they want to rip you apart
Couldn't you have seen it from
The start
That they had evil intentions in their heart
And from them
that's what separated You apart

Tender heart
Have you forgotten those wounds
And marks history had left upon your Heart
How often you have fallen
From their love chart
While you still crazily and trustfully
holding them dearly to your loving

Tender heart
Couldn't you have notice it
How their honesty had been drifting
That they were only seeking after your trustful vault
It's your fault
Why your heartbeat as come to an halt

Tender heart
How often has your heart been shaken by the word forsaken
Rupturing your heartbeat like an earthquake
Constantly been threatened by the rumbling sound of heartbreak
Causing you to have an heart attack
Bleeding away the tenderness from your heart

Tender heart
How much has been taken
From a heart that is forgiving
Not remembering
That they all are not for you
It's only your loyalty they are interested in
Time over time you have blindly
Love again
Because of a heart that is caring And willing

Tender heart
Of your sacrifices have they made any mention of
Have they taken notice of the purification and perfection
Of a heart
That takes no part in separation
Do they speak about your
Devotion and the comfort that
You had bring
Refusing to have against them
A hateful heart

Tender heart
To you love was not faithful
Now you have turned off the lights
Living in the dark.

The Seeker

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What I expect of myself
Is to be a man of morality
And tranquility
To know that if I hustle
Hustle smart
If I play, play with skill
And if I work, work hard

What I expect of myself
Is to be an achiever
And not just a dreamer
To work harder and smarter
And not a Procrastinator
I expect of myself to be a true character
And not a fake actor

I expect of myself
to know that education
Gives me more information
That when facing complex situation
I would have more than just one solution

I expect of myself
To respect the beauty and art
Of creation
That with nature I must have
And since all man were created by God's hand
It is excepted of me to help a needed

I expect of myself
To know that knowledge
Is power
And that mental power
Is the only way to devour
Any oppressor
I expect to be a over comer

I expect to be a example
To show that faith and hard work will make any dream possible
To show that mankind is not trustable
That God alone is reliable

I expect of myself
To be a motivator
And not a complainer
I expect of myself
To be a man of love and faith
Not a man of pride and hate
I expect to be a winner
Not a quitter

I expect of myself to be
A brother
A forgiver
And not a condemner
Since religion say that I'm a sinner
It is expected of me to find my saviour
And to become a Repenter

I expect of myself to be the best that I can be
No matter what others say about me
I expect of myself to exploit my imagination with no limitation

It is expected of me to walk the road
Of success
To enjoy life to it's fullness
It is expected of me to move by faith
And not your opinion
That I am free to make my own decision With no restriction

It is expected of me to know
My history
And that my presence here is no
That I'm heavenly and divinely made
With a purpose to accomplish
Of what is excepted of myself.

The seeker

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