Åkåsh Srîvåståvå

Åkåsh Srîvåståvå Lives in Basti, Uttar Pradesh, India

A banker by profession and a writer by passion. Instagram- @mrwriterakash

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उस एक मुस्कान के लिए
मैं लड़ जाऊं
हर एक बारिश से
हर एक तूफ़ान से
हर एक इंसान से


ये महज़ एक मुस्कान नही
ये एक अभूतपूर्व घटना है जिससे
मैं खिलता हूँ
मैं मुस्कुराता हूँ


इस मुस्कान को
जीवंत रखना मेरा कर्तव्य है
और तुम्हारा मेरे साथ रहना।

इस मुस्कान को जीवंत रखूंगा मैं अपनी कविताओं में।

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mohabbat usse krke dekho jo mohabbat tumse karta hai.
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Date a guy who has ambitions in life. Date a guy who give wings to your dreams. Date a guy who stays with you in your all ups and downs. Date a guy who can sense that something is wrong just by looking at you. Date a guy who holds your hand in public and feel proud to have you. Date a guy who kisses you when you wake up in the morning. Date a guy who is willing to take all risks just to stay with you. Date a guy who loves you even more when your hair is a mess. Date a guy who constantly make efforts to make you feel more special every next moment. Date a guy who introduces you to his parents. Yes, date that guy.

Yes, date him. :) #relationshipquotes #lovequotes #relationshipgoals

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A few relations are very simple yet so special. I mean you guys fight with each other, pull each others legs, tease each other but never show that you love. But in actual you love each other the most. This is the beauty of this relation that there is no drama in it. Having brothers and sisters is a blessing, you get a friend, a partner in crime and a source of entertainment for the life.

Siblings. #siblings #Rakhi #rakshabandhan

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Love someone who knows your worth.
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Love someone who knows your worth. Its really heart aching to realise you spent years to wait for someone who didn't care about you ever. Whenever you saw her in trouble you always made yourself available for her. You stayed with her in all ups and downs. You pampered her when she was low. You made all possible efforts to make her happy. You loved the smile on her face. But What did you get in return? A heart break. Loneliness. She shattered you into pieces. You were in extreme pain and she was known about it but never made an effort to make you feel good. You begged in front of her but she didn't give you a shit. She kept on hurting you. And one day she left you. She went away leaving never healing scars on your heart. She snatched your smile. And you're still waiting for her. Why the hell are you doing this? Wake up man. Know your worth. Someone is dying to see you smiling. Someone is willing to make you happy. Stop wasting your time on someone who is not worth of it. Your love is precious. Give it to someone who knows its worth. Love, but only to the right person.

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