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Photographer Beautifully Captures Romantic Rock Climbing Proposal

When rock climbing couple Luis Cardona and Maddy Thorpe got engaged, photographer India Earl was there to capture it. Unlike her usual shoots set on scenic beaches or in the mountains, however, this sentimental session took place somewhere a bit different: the Elevation Rock Gym in Logan, Utah.
As avid climbers, Cardona and Thorpe often scale the gym’s rock walls together, enjoying each other’s company and bonding over their love of the sport. “Climbing is a huge part of me and Maddy’s lives,” Cardona told The Huffington Post. “When we first met that’s basically all we did and we love climbing together whenever we get the chance.” Thus, when brainstorming possible proposal locations, he realized that Elevation would be the perfect place to pop the question.
During one very special climbing session, Cardona and Earl turned off the lights when Thorpe was at the top of a climb. While the area was dark, Cardona and Earl quickly scattered rose petals and set up strings of lights to set the mood. “At first Maddy was a little frightened because she was hanging up there in the air in the pitch black!” Luis admitted. “After she realized what was going on she started to cry.” As Thorpe descended, Cardona asked her to marry him, and their song (“First Day of My Life” by Bright Eyes) softly began to play.
Clearly, a love of climbing is the only rocky thing about this relationship.

India Earl Photography
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Nothing Is Lost by Noel Coward

Deep in our sub-conscious, we are toldLie all our memories, lie all the notesOf all the music we have ever heardAnd all the phrases those we loved have spoken,Sorrows and losses time has since consoled,Family jokes, out-moded anecdotesEach sentimental souvenir and tokenEverything seen, experienced, each wordAddressed to us in infancy, beforeBefore we could even know or understandThe implications of our wonderland.There they all are, the legendary liesThe birthday treats, the sights, the sounds, the tearsForgotten debris of forgotten yearsWaiting to be recalled, waiting to riseBefore our world dissolves before our eyesWaiting for some small, intimate reminder,A word, a tune, a known familiar scentAn echo from the past when, innocentWe looked upon the present with delightAnd doubted not the future would be kinderAnd never knew the loneliness of night. #NoelCoward

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Finding a Box of Family Letters by Dana Gioia

The dead say little in their lettersthey haven't said before.We find no secrets, and yethow different every sentence soundsheard across the years.           My father breaks my heartsimply by being so young and handsome.He's half my age, with jet-black hair.Look at him in his navy uniformgrinning beside his dive-bomber. Come back, Dad! I want to shout.He says he misses all of us(though I haven't yet been born).He writes from places I never knew he saw,and everyone he mentions now is dead. There is a large, long photographcurled like a diploma—a banquet sixty years ago.My parents sit uncomfortablyamong tables of dark-suited strangers.The mildewed paper reeks of regret. I wonder what song the band was playing,just out of frame, as the photographerarranged your smiles. A waltz? A foxtrot?Get out there on the floor and dance! You don't have forever. What does it cost to send a postcardto the underworld? I'll buya penny stamp from World War IIand mail it downtown at the old post officejust as the courthouse clock strikes twelve. Surely the ghost of some postal workerstill makes his nightly rounds, his routinetoo tedious for him to notice when it ended.He works so slowly he moves back in timecarrying our dead letters to their lost addresses. It's silly to get sentimental.The dead have moved on. So should we.But isn't it equally simple-minded to missthe special expertise of the departedin clarifying our long-term plans? They never let us forget that the linebetween them and us is only temporary.Get out there and dance! the letters shoutadding, Love always. Can't wait to get home! And soon we will be. See you there.

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Horóscopo para hoy 27/02/2018


Love. The pyramids of Egypt kept inside a lot of incredible secrets. Oriented toward the Sun, they served to transport the souls of their creators. As these emblematic buildings today you'll want to create your own sentimental sacred building. You can start with some thoughts and end up writing everything you feel, before sending the message, read it again.

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log bolte hai ki kuch kiya kro.... Humne bhi kaha ap v kuch kiya kro.... bas kaha na kro
by- saurabh dubey


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