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The Type Of Person Who Must Never Date According To Your Zodiac Sign

After only a few meetings, it is next to impossible to figure out if the person you are dating is your ‘forever’ person or not. Most of the times, it is too late when you eventually find out that your decision of dating that person was wrong.
Here we are, trying to make your decision easy by listing down traits of a person who must never date.
1.) Aries

• A person who shows great amount of interest in your right from the start.
• Someone who nods head in agreement to whatever you say.
• A person who cannot keep you interested while having a conversation.
2.) Taurus

• Someone who does not speak their mind out to you.
• A person who makes you feel emotionally insecure and trapped.
• Someone who compels you to question everything about your relationship.
3.) Gemini

• Someone who has a monotonous life.
• A person who would prefer sitting at home doing nothing for days instead of traveling and exploring the world.
• Someone who does not invite change into life.
4.) Cancer

• Someone who is too practical about everything.
• Someone who does not think emotionally.
• Someone who prefers to be alone most of the time.
5.) Leo

• A person who is too lazy to meet up to your energy level.
• Someone who does not value time.
• Someone who does not mind if they are financially dependent on you.
6.) Virgo

• Someone who isn’t interested in talking about things as passionately as you do.
• Someone who doesn’t understand your level of thinking and does not even try.
• A person who does not really care about your dreams and passions.
7.) Libra

• A person who is jealous of the social person that you are.
• Someone who is too clingy.
• Someone who pretends and acts just to show the world that you belong to them.
8.) Scorpio

• A person who cannot handle the emotional side of you.
• Someone who leaves you alone when you need them the most.
• Someone who completely ignores all the things that are going wrong instead of making them right.
9.) Sagittarius

• A person who always points out negativity in everything.
• A person with low ambitions and less self respect.
• A person who gets jealous pretty easily.
10.) Capricorn

• A person who is adamant about things that they need.
• Someone who doesn’t respect your choices and decisions.
• Someone who does not give you the amount of privacy you need.
11.) Aquarius

• A person who pushes down your creativity.
• A person who does not encourage your thoughts and mindset.
• Someone who doesn’t appreciate the things you do for them.
12.) Pisces

• A person who does not respect the emotional side of you.
• Someone who labels you ‘sensitive’ the moment you try expressing yourself.
• Someone who cannot make you feel secure by being in a relationship.

Source: http://www.thatscoop.com/article/winisudharman/person-must-never-date-zodiac

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My phonE wait for a notificAtion FroM somEonE...
ShE is YOU💕

Who covErEd all Of minE Heart?
SHe is YOU💕

24*7 stayS in minE minD sHe is YOU💕

WhNevEr i comE onlinE i alwaYs searcH a namE..
SHe is YOU💕

I thinK For somEonE all thE timE...
SHe is YOU💕

I checK somEonE's prOFilE evrydaY..
SHe is YOU💕

I alWaYs Talk to otHer's about somEonE..
SHe is YOU💕

I dailY misS somEonE..
SHe is YOU💕

My EyEs alwayS searcH For somEonE...
SHe is YOU💕

everY sonGs remindS me oF somEonE...
ShE is YOU💕

I crY For somEonE..
SHe is YOU💕

I smilE for somEonE..
SHe is YOU💕

I am WaitinG For somEonE..
SHe is YOU💕

I Can'T sTaY widoUt taLkinG to somEone..
She is YoU💕

I care For SomeoNe..
ShE is YoU💕

mY HearT wanTs someoNe..
SHe is You💕

EverY nighT..i ThinK abOuT somEone..
SHe is YoU💕

I LovE somEonE
ShE is YOU💕

SHe is YOU💕

I'll alwaYs lovE somEonE
ShE is YOU💕

I'll nevEr ForgeT somEonE..
SHe is YOU💕

Diz onE iZz lasT linE nd morE Painful👇🏻💔

I can noT bE with somEonE...
ShE is YOU💘..

OnE daY i'll diE for somEonE..
ShE will bE YOU🖤

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#OkBye is sharing thoughts for a good cause- I am not virgin [READ THE CAPTION]
Dear society,
         Yes, I am someone who isn't virgin.
Yes, I am someone who have had sex with someone. I loved before.
Yes, I lost my virginity to someone who isn't in my life anymore.
Yes, I am not "PURE" According to your opinion.

But my dear society, you know what..
My middle finger 🖕 salute your opinion.

My virginity doesn't decide my purity. My virginity is not a level to decide I am pure or not.

Just because I have had sex with someone I loved.... It doesn't mean I can't be pure to someone else. The feeling needs to be pure not my dick or vagina.

So, what if I lost my virginity to someone who isn't in my life any more?

That doesn't mean I have to be lebelled as someone who's easily available for sex.

I can start a new future with someone.
I can love someone again.
I can be someone's reason to smile again.
I can still be someone's forever.

I just need the right person to understand me. Someone's who cares more about my love not my virginity.

Your sincerely
Someone who isn't virgin

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Woman gives birth in loo, confuses labour pain with Nature’s call
This is quite funny: A 24-year-old woman, who thought she was emptying her bowels, gave birth in a hospital toilet after doctors allegedly failed to notice she was in throes of labour at the Medical College Hospital, Manjeri, here on Friday.

The shocking incident took place around 8 pm as Sheenu K, of Karasshery, went to the hospital toilet to answer the Nature’s call and unexpectedly gave birth to a boy in the loo. Both the mother and the newborn, which fell into the closet first, were shifted to the intensive care unit immediately after the incident. Hospital authorites said the mother and baby are safe.

Source: http://www.newindianexpress.com/states/kerala/2017...

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Can I speak...

A slow, broken and shaken voice arised, slowly... asked in the crowd... Can I speak... ? Someone said... give him the Mike please.
He hold the mike, stood up very difficultly from his seat in a low and steady voice spoke...
" I am 75 now. I'm proud to say I am still waiting for her. You all are debating on love, break up, again love, again break up... ! Do you know what you are doing with your heart. Before anyone else you are killing it, with that doubt that someone is not yours or will move on and away from you. That brain with that doubt kills all your emotions, feelings and you let it do it you too. Before anything like that ever happens. Hope has been died in this civilization. There is less potential risk anywhere of dieing because of hunger or no clothes or no shelter. It's just the fear of loosing someone special. That makes you even loose that person . That fear breaks you too. Why can't you be committed to your first love ? Why do you let your fears to win you always. It's so easy, why do you give your heart so many options? If not she someone, someone else. If not someone else. It is so simple to love one person and be happy if not with her then with her imagination, in her dreams. Yes I'm still waiting her. And I feel life so simple, I love every other girl too but as my sisters. If Shree Ram also had to go away from his wife for years, the same can happen with anyone. If God can go through such situations then being human who we are to think we are in pain, away from our partner. Having a love is kind of a blessing, you might never be with her for whole life, but why that fear, if she would have got married someone else. Would be happy with someone else. Then what? How that changes your feelings for her. May be circumstances made her to get married. Not to one but many people like Krishna had. He had a large family too. But we still worship Radha with Krishna. Why do we call them symbol of love. There was no way to prove for them that they loved each other only. Even they were physically never together. " He laughed and said " What you call love is the selfish desires, that you want from someone to be fulfilled and if she didn't able to you are ready to switch for another... Which was never love..." " I know my love might never come to meet me, but how can that replace him with someone else... I'm waiting and this waiting is of full of pain but very satisfying, I feel complete with all my own feelings. Love is your own state of mind and heart, it has nothing to do with the other person... You just need to feel her, in your every expression of love..."

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