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Story of a food enthusiast, who quit his Job to follow his passion for food Full Time
We recently connected with Sawan & Vaishali, who is very passionate about trying out new recipes & showcasing them to the world through Nojoto via their collection “Vaishali Food recipes”  

Mentioned below is the brief summary of our discussion with Sawan & Vaishali
Nojoto Team: Hi , could you tell us about yourself in around 250 words?  Imagine writing a story on Nojoto. Sawan & Vaishali: I am a digital marketer by profession with over 9+ years of experience, and Vaishali is my wife who loves trying out new recipes everyday. Because of Vaishali’s proficiency in making new recipes, which of course is very amazing, and we thought why not pursue this art of creating new recipes full time & also educate more people - how to do it. This can actually be a great help for lot of people who are trying to learn new food recipes. It’s been 1 year, since we started doing this full time. 
Nojoto Team: What triggered you to follow your passion for Food & Recipe? And how did your hometown & childhood influence your passion for food?Sawan & Vaishali: Vaishali was really good at cooking and her curiosity to try out new recipes was the trigger for following the passion for food. It’s been 3+ years since I am married to Vaishali, and 3 years back I was 40-50 Kg, and now I weigh over 90 Kg, so you can imagine the influence of her food , and really it’s hard to say NO to the new one. 

Nojoto Team: What is the most fulfilling about sharing your Food recipes?Sawan & Vaishali: The most fulfilling thing about sharing our recipes is the love we get from people which keeps us going and trying out new recipes. 

Nojoto Team: Do you think if Circumstances allow, you will pursue your passion for Food full time? And what is your future ambition in following your passion for Food & Recipe?Sawan & Vaishali: Yes, we already are doing this Full time and if circumstances will allow, we will build team and do this more aggressively, so that it can impact larger audience. 
Our goal is two folds: - - One is to open a restaurant and give people the experience of new recipes, beyond which they eat at other restaurants.- Second is open a cookery class, where we can teach other people to make new and new recipes. 

Nojoto Team: If there is a Recipe based on your life, what would be called?Sawan: Mera Ladoo <with a huge smile on the face>

Nojoto Team: Which one is your favourite food recipe?Sawan & Vaishali: Dhokla, and we have already shared its recipe on Nojoto also. 
Nojoto Team: What is your favourite possession which defines you? Sawan & Vaishali: I guess all things are critical to create a perfect recipe, but we will give the most credit to Kadai, and below is the picture with our favourite Kadai

Nojoto Team:  What do you love about Nojoto? And how Nojoto is different from any other social media platform?Sawan & Vaishali:  - It is all about your interest for one specific thing and sharing stuff about that passion, so that it reaches all other like-minded people.- It helps me organize all my food & recipe related things in one collection.- Moreover, it’s very easy to use, and easy to share what you love on Nojoto. It needs little more improvements, so that it can become big, and I am sure the team will keep improving it. 
Check out Sawan’s Food Collection on Nojoto & the amazing recipes they have shared @ Nojoto

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Meet Aditi Sood: A 14 years Old Artist who expresses her emotions in the eyes she draws and feels that there is a strong connection between Mathematics and Art
We recently caught up with Aditi for a discussion where she discusses her life, her inspiration, her motivation, her love for
#Drawing "eye" and if given a wish, she wants to give all #blind people an eye so that they can see how beautiful the #world is.
Nojoto Team: Hi Aditi, describe yourself. Imagine writing a story on Nojoto.  Aditi: I am 14 years old and study in Class 9. I am live in Kota, Rajasthan (India).
I love sketching, painting, paper cutting and I aspire to become an architect one day to make the place we call "Home" more beautiful.  

Nojoto Team: From where did you get the inspiration for drawing?  What motivated you? – Any person or a situation in particular?
Aditi: My mom is my Inspiration for my artwork. She is great with fabric painting & home décor.
My relative tells me when I was in my mother's womb, she used to do a lot of paintings, and I guess from there only, I got the skill and hold of art.

Mom is not just my inspiration, but my guide too, she guides me with how to make art how to sketch, and how to make it better and better.  
Nojoto Team: How did your parents, friends, school, hometown influence your passion for art?
Aditi: I spent my childhood in Kota, and ever since I remember, I used to make something or other and people around me used to appreciate them, and hence with that motivation – I kept on creating more and more art, and that's it.
Moreover, my father also loves my artwork. He clicks all things I draw and makes them his mobile and laptop wallpaper, and hence the strong motivation and love for my art motivate me to make more and more artwork.  Hence, I guess it's the people around me who've motivated me and has kept me going.

Nojoto Team: How do you take out time to follow your passion, considering you have to go school, study etc?
Aditi: I generally sketch on Sundays and Holidays, but more than that I always sketch whenever I have Maths Exam.

I believe there is a strong connection between Maths & art. I believe both are very similar in their nature, and at the end make things beautiful.

Nojoto Team: What is the most fulfilling thing when you share your artwork with others?
Aditi:  The most fulfilling moment is actually when I create an art, and the second best moment is when I receive a lot of Awesome, Comments, Compliments & feedback on my art. In fact, I love both type of feedback – positive, and negative - when someone tells me what I was lacking. 
In fact, most fulfilling is the moment - is when someone follows my art and tries to re-do my creation from his/her own imagination. This gives me another perspective to how he/she thought the concept and went about it.
Nojoto Team: How do you go about creating your art – Starting from thinking about it – to imagining about it – to actually drawing it? Describe the creative process, which you take generally?
Aditi:  Whenever I think of a concept, I search and see how other artists have gone about that concept, and then I re-think the concept with my own imagination. I mix both the inspiration I have taken from other artworks, and my own imagination and then start drawing/sketching. But I make sure that each artwork of mine has my touch. 

I also follow different types of artists and keep seeing what they are doing and I believe Nojoto actually helps me follow other artists so that I can know what they are doing.

And there are also times when I just paint/sketch my creativity, and actually not see what is already created.  Below is one such art called "Glamour" 

There are few more doodle arts, which I have created, and below is from them. 

Nojoto Team: Have you ever drawn yourself or your parents or any other friend? If yes, what was their reaction after seeing it?
Aditi:  There was one time in school when I was sharing my artwork online, and my maths teacher saw it and loved it. He requested me to sketch him, and I asked him to send a high-quality photograph to me so that I can sketch.

It was my first sketch where I sketched an individual from his photograph. And as soon as, I sketched and showed him, he loved it and in fact made his display picture across social media networks.
Below is the same:

Then birthday of a friend was approaching and I asked her, what do you want as a birthday present, and she said, nothing could be more beautiful than a sketch by you. And after seeing the sketch, she then told me - that it one of the best birthday gifts I have ever received.
And then this series continued.

Nojoto Team: What types of art you have experimented with?
Aditi:  I started with sketching, then experimented with a glitter pen and people loved that too. I've also tried my hands at crafts and they too have come out very well. I also have a collection of my crafts i.e paper-cutting arts on Nojoto. And if anyone wants to follow my crafts, can follow my crafts collection.
Nojoto Team: What is your most favourite procession with respect to creating an art?
Aditi:  While I love all things that help me pour my creativity and make something beautiful, but I believe my favourite procession is Pencil. Because with Pencil, there is a freedom to rub it off and change something if you want.
With the pencil, I generally start with the outline, and then little shades of what I want to draw, and then slowly I give it the final shape.
Eyes generally are the last part of my sketch, because that requires the most amount of precision and imagination.
Nojoto Team: Are you an extrovert or an introvert?
Aditi:  I am an extrovert.

Nojoto Team: You know people love the way you express "eyes" through your art – What is the story behind it? And why do you love drawing "Eye" specifically?
Aditi:  I believe Art is all about expressing your feelings. The drawing we make is 2D, but because it needs to communicate the feelings and emotions and hence I believe eyes & lips communicate feelings and emotions better than anything else.
Also, when you see the process of a woman dressing up, you will see that she makes sure that she spends the most amount of time in doing her eyes, and that is why when I draw/sketch a woman, I make sure that the eye is given special importance.  

Nojoto Team: If you could do one thing for the World, what would it be?
Aditi:  I would give all the blind people in the world an eye because I believe with eyes people can see the world and enjoy its beauty.
Nojoto Team: - What is "your" favorite art till now?
Aditi:  The one below is my favorite art till now

Nojoto Team: What do you love about Nojoto? And why do you like it?
Aditi:   I like the concept that you can find people with Similar Interests on Nojoto and the fact that when I share my art on Nojoto, it reaches people of similar interests. 

Moreover, the point that I can create different types of collection for different types of art  – and hence organize my artwork better is good.

I have two types of "Collection" on Nojoto – Under "Traditional Arts" - One is for my sketches and other is for my paper craft.  

Nojoto Team: What is your message for other kids who are young and have a passion for a particular interest? 
- Keep working on what you love, perfection will come automatically.
- Do not get demotivated, if you do not have perfection for something you love, keep working on your passion and one day you will achieve perfection. 

Nojoto Team:  What an Amazing Talent you are Aditi, We wish you tons of Luck and hope that many more people after reading will follow their passion as passionately as you.

Looking forward to more seeing more amazing artwork from you on Nojoto!

#Passion #Aditi #AmazingPeopleOfNojoto #Art #14YearsOld #Sketch #Woman #Eyes

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By Gaurav Sharma
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Shayari Hindi | Shayari Hindi Sad | Shayari Video |
Shayari Hindi Mei | Shayari Hindi HD | Shayari In Hindi Love |
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