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Sohan Singh Rajput

Life is all about experience ✨ #Motivational

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poetistic girl

#wallpaper #LafzOf_Preet Life #Hindi #Struggle #Life_Experiences #experience life quotes in hindi motivational quotes in hindi life quotes

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twisha ray

White A wise old man told his grandson, "Life is like a river, constantly flowing and changing. Don't get stuck on the rocks of regret or the sandbars of fear. Keep moving forward, and don't be afraid to ask for help along the way." The grandson nodded, understanding that life's journey requires adaptability, resilience, and support. He carried these words with him, navigating life's twists and turns with courage and wisdom.

©twisha ray Friday wisdom 

Ramesh R

#good_morning_quotes On wisdom

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mahalakshmi Kg

Feel the experience and move on. #ಜ್ಞಾನಿ

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Zalim Gangster

Quotes about Life #Motivational

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Deepti Vats

Pragati Dutt

#love_& Wisdom #Life

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jay mukunda

nightthoughts Life Motivational experience Quotes DailyMessage

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Sonu gowda

life lessons #sad_girl # quotes# about life# lonely #Motivational

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