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Internet Jockey

Wisdom quotes #wisdom

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Wisdom Quote Strategy is doing right thing but tactic is doing things right #NojotoQuote Wisdom quotes

Monika Singh

The only difference between knowledge and wisdom is ‘experience’. #wisdom#experience#difference#yqbaba#

Abhijit Debnath


John Samuel

Wisdom Quotes

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The secret to success is constancy of Purpose.

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Wisdom quotes #Quotes

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Your Remedy is within you, but you do not sense it.
Your Sickness is from you, but you do not perceive it.
You Presume you are a small entity,
But within you is enfolded the entire universe.
You are indeed the evident book,
By whose alphabet the hidden becomes the manifest.
Therefore, you have no need to look beyond yourself,
What you seek is within you, if only you reflect.

©SOUL EMOTIONS Wisdom quotes

Rudendra Virash

Wisdom Quotes ... #शायरी

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saket patel

#Light wisdom Quotes #Motivational

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जब समुंद्र में पानी रहता है तो मछलियां चींटियों को खाती है,
और जब समुंद्र में पानी नही रहता है तो चींटियां मछलियों को खाती है,
मौका सब को मिलता है,
बस अपनी बारी का इंतजार करो।

©saket patel #Light wisdom Quotes

Anupma Agarwal Chandra

 #wisdom #quotes #inspiration


Wisdom 😎 Quote Quotes wisdomwords wisdom Motivational

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