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My Dear Darling,
                I need to tell you something; something that could turn into your life's first lesson. This world is is round but is twisted, This place looks happy but is wearing a paint of happiness which when removed looks a hideous, scary town, these people seem nice and gentle but are evil, cruel and do not consider it important to prioritize moral values over their own benefits, I myself am too much confused that whether I should teach you to prioritize moral ethics at any cost or make you learn to become just like others. But, I always want my daughter to prioritize moral values at any cost. I know it would be tough but it is worth it. 
                                                                 With Love,
                                                                Your Daddy.

                                                 - World Mapped by Words 📍


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Is it important to look good?

This is obviously an important topics nowadays.

Yes and no at the same time.

Let me explain as it is not as simple as people like to think.

First of all, there's multiple reality exist in our minds and in real life.

I know it's bit of a confusing.

In our minds, there's generally two kind of world exist-

One is our moral or religious world therefore idealistic and another one in our back of the mind which tell us - it is not as simple as that therefore imperfect world.

In real life, I don't know exactly which kind of world exist, because it beyond our analytical capabilities.

One thing for sure, we don't necessarily matter much as reality is going on in it's own way so therefore not really helping us or not helping us either.

So therefore according to our moral and religious world view, everything should be equal, everyone should have equal money, people should behave appropriately etc etc.....

But our instinct and our back of mind try to tell us different things about a different world where nothing is equal, anyone can be taken advantage of, inequality is the DNA of that world but not in any perfect way as that would make it a perfect world.

What is making then both of these two world's presence effective??

Our real world as we don't know which one it is, therefore both works in certain situations.

When it comes to looks, it exactly like this, if you are from a conservative religious country then more people will probably at least percentage wise less likely to give importance to looks, but does that mean look isn't important in those countries on the contrary it as important as anywhere if not more just it's promotion is haulted by people's moral tendency.

But if you are from one of those sexually liberated non conservative free society country then there's no such restrictions on this type of promotion therefore a lot of business opportunity as well as we all know sex sells and beauty sells well.

So then the bottom line of answer of this question is- morally it's not supposed to and should not be but fortunately and unfortunately in real world hell yeah.

Very important to mention here, money makes certain population for certain period of time more attractive than before. It is scientifically proven that genetic changes are also very much possible for rich population.

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Simple algebraic equation of LIFE: aX + bY + c = P

Where P is what do we want in Life?C is a constant on which we do not have any controlX and Y are the variables on which we have a controlA and B are again constants on which we do not have control.Generally the most difficult thing is to find the right question, right problem, right objective that is P. We have so many forces acting on us and hence, with those generally what we chase is P+K or some other shit. For some people P keeps on changing with time, because they are never sure if its the right thing which they want in life?

Hence, to measure your life or to bring peace in your life or to become happy in your life or to get the sense of maturity in life, where no external factor creates any trouble in your life, firstly you need to find what do you want?
Second is what you need is variables of things that basically will take you to thing/situation/goal you have in mind. List down all the things.
For example: My objective in life is bring a +ve change in human's life at global/mass level. (I have introspective in terms of why I need this and at what cost and etc)
My next question is that to achieve this what do I have to do? i.e. list down your variables.
Start chasing your variablesFor few those the value of A/B will be higher and hence they might need to put a lower X/Y, but for you may be the value of A/B is lower and hence you would need to put more hard work to make sure that AX+BY becomes equal to P, even if the value of C is zero.In this time sometimes the variable B becomes negative, i.e. your family angle, your society angle, your girl friend doesnt want you to reach P, because in thr perspective, they think either it is un-achievable or they will lose you as an individual once you reach P. What do you do when something like this happen ? Increase X, the only variable truly in your hand.--------------------------------------------Few lines from some where which I like:
Because it’s all in how you choose to measure success. I don’t measure my success by displays of monetary wealth. I prefer to measure it based on social and global impact. Is that totally self-serving and biased? Absolutely. And that’s the point: You get to choose how you measure success.

Most of us are never told this. It’s not something we pick up in school or church. In fact, most of our social systems are built with their own metrics of success built into them which we are then expected and sometimes forced to follow. Get good grades. Make tons of money. Go to church. Buy nice things. Raise a nice family. Watch football.
It’s vital that we remember that they’re not absolute. We shouldn’t limit ourselves to them. Money is nice, but one can choose to see it not as the absolute measure of wealth, but as a useful tool to help achieve true wealth. Religion gives billions of people’s lives moral direction, but that doesn’t require one to believe in religion to be a good, moral person. Relationships and family are important, but lacking them doesn’t make you any less valuable as a person.
Again, we get to choose. And the beauty and the frustration is that we’re all different, so most of the time our metrics will be different.
--------------------------------------------------Happiness Hypotheticals:
The Happiness Hypotheticals are powerful tools because they can show us what metrics of success actually matter for us. Many of us think relationships will make us happy, but emotional health should be the goal and relationships the side effect. Many think popularity will make them happy, but one should do something important and noble and let the fame be the side effect.

As humans, we’re all driven by happiness and meaning, but we often get caught up in unnecessary status concerns and superficial comparisons. When we create hypothetical either/or situations between those comparisons and happiness, it can quickly sort our priorities out for us. Tools such as these show us ways in which we can measure our own success.
I’m not famous, but I improve people’s lives. That makes me successful. You’re single and alone right now, but you’re happy and proud of yourself. That makes you successful.
We must take care in choosing the way in which we measure success because the metrics we choose will determine all of our actions and beliefs.
The metrics of success which we choose lead to long-term real life consequences, and they determine everything.

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वाकिये बेशक बहुत होते है हर रोज़ इस बेदर्द ज़माने में,

लेकिन जो बदल देते है आदमी की फितरत वही रह जाते है यादों में।


Unfogattable incidents of life
This the moral of story to listen the full story do visit to below link.

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