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kuch khani aesi bhi hoti he..
written by-

2 fozi the..
Ek hindu or dusra musalman.
Dono ek hi border par sath the.
Ek din border par firing ho gyi..
Badkismati se dono hi mare gaye.
Jab unhe wapas ghar laya gya to 2no
Ke body par flag the..
Jab hindu family ko unke bete ki body di gyi toh hindu family ne uski body ko lene se inkar kar diya or kaha ki..
Ye jo mere bete ki body he ye mere bete ki nhi he mujhe mere bete ki body chayiye kisi or ki nhi..
Unki family ko bhut samzhaya par wo ek na sune or zid pe ade rahe..
Fir unhone kha ki ye jo 2nd body he ek muslim bete ki ye muslim bete ki body nhi he.
Ye mere bete ki body he or mujhe mere isi bete ki body chayiye..
Waha khade sab heran or preshan ho gye or khene lage ki ap ye kya khe rahi he aap hosh me nhi he shayad isliye jo man me aa raha ap bole ja rahe ho..
Par us family ne ek ki bhi na suni or zid na chodi..
Waha khada har insaan samz nhi pa raha tha ki ye ho kya raha he..
Ek ma ko apne asli bete ki body pechan me nhi aa rahi or wo ek muslim bete ki body ko apne bete ki body man rahi he..
Par waha khada koi samzhe ya na samzhe par musilm family samaz cuki thi..
Unhone hindu family se kaha ki ap ye body rakh lijiye or hum apke bete ki body apne sath le jayege..
Us din kisi ne na socha hoga ki ye kya ho gya or kya ho raha he..
Us din ek itihas lhika gya tha.
ek hindu ke bete ko pheli bar dafnaya gya tha.
or ek musalman ke bete ko jlaya gya tha..
Us din shi mayne me 2no beto ki kurbani rang layi thi..
Jite jee wo ye na duniya ko samzha paye ki hindu or musalman ek he wo unke marne ke bad unki family duniya ko dhikha gyi..
band bhi karo yaaro jat pat ke naam se ladna hum sab ek he or kya hindu kya musalman humari pechan hi ye indian flag he..
Achi lage toh comment karke btaye or baat ko dil se lgaye..
Qk jab border par ek fozi marta he to uski pechan uske flag uski country se hoti h na ki uske dharm se..
Written by-
Dear life
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When Goddess Sita was kidnapped Lord Ram killed entire demon family. Laxman did violence with Surpnakha by cutting her nose. Ravana without thinking of his life kidnapped Goddess Sita. THEY were Hindu Ravana Bramhan, Ram & Laxman Kshtriya. BOTH of them fought for their women's. Both were right. Both were standing for their lady's 

Lord Krishna fought to set her free from his Mama Kans. Killed him.
He didn't married to Radha just to protect her dignity. Rarely anyone knows this Radha was married. Many stories are made or said but this step of Kahna was to protect his lady. Their love was spiritual not for lust.
Clothes didn't even completely removed of Draupadi yet entire Kauravas were destroyed.The one who saw it was destroyed. The one didn't spoked a word was destroyed. 

Kidnapping her, Caging her, trying to rape her, lead to death.
They were God, and if you ask for religion they were Hindu. Yet whenever it came on her dignity. There was the destruction. Then who the hell said if you are Hindu you won't be punished. 

If you ask for religion I'm Hindu. AND I WANT PUNISHMENT FOR THOSE HINDUS, THOSE PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT A HUMAN AND NO LONGER ANIMAL AS WELL .THEY ARE SOMETHING WITH WHOM WE ARE ASHAMED. Whenever it came to women there was severe destruction beware. The reason for every war was a woman. 
Ramayana( Sita and Surpnakha)
Mahabharata (Draupadi)

I'm Hindu and I them to be sentenced AS "DEATH" #imhuman#iwantjustice#justiceforasifa

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Biggest problem of INDIA

India is a multireligional country, which means people of every religion live here whether it is a hindu or muslim, sikh or  any other religion.
Actually biggest disaster for the country is its "multireligional". I mean why? why to call it multireligional not indian? If people of different religion stay together then why they are not called "Indians?" Why they are divided in the name of religion?
I am not trying to say that India people are not Indian but the point here is that division of India comes when it is called of different diversities or different religion. If different diversities are living in same country then why it is not called only Indian.
Today most of the difference among people is only because of religion.We should respect every religion but we should not divide it because division leads to crime.
Why every person is known by its religion that "he is hindu" "she is muslim". If we are living together in same country then it shouldn't be hindu or muslim, it should be Indian only Indian.
A lot of problems will get solved when muslim,hindu,sikh,christian will be called only indian not multireligional.
Another point is the division of religion and caste has removed the humanity tag. A person is judged and known by his religion not by human nature.
We should understand that GOD is one and God is not different, God is neither muslim nor hindu. God is God, it is not Allah or Ram.
So i conclude that INDIA is INDIANS country not MULTIRELIGIONAL country.

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Wo aksar sochte hai, Hum kya likhte hai,
Hum kya likhte hai, Wo Soch Nahi paate,
Fursat me aakar baitho, Mahfil me hamari,
Hum wo sochte hai, Jo tum Soch nahi paate,

Hum dard me kisi ke muskaan likhte hai,
Hum shabdo se pairo tale, Asmaan likhte hai,
Gairo ko apna, To apno ko jaan likhte hai,
Hum hindu muslim ko hindustaan likhte hai,
Aata nahi najar hame, Ladka ladki ka bhed,
Har rang, har gender ko insaan likhte hai,
Hum dard me kisi ke muskaan likhte hai,
Hum hindu muslim ko hindustaan likhte hai,

Hathiyaro se nahi, Hum lafzo se ladte hai,
Hathiyar bada sabse apna, Kalam ko kahte hai,
Hum raat ko din to din ko raat likhte hai,
Tute bikhre dilo ka, Hum to ilaaz likhte hai,
Har dharam ko uchha mukaam likhte hai,
Kabhi urdu me Geeta to Hindi me kuran likhte hai,
Hum dard me kisi ke muskaan likhte hai,
Hum hindu muslim ko hindustaan likhte hai,

Likhne wale hai hum, Bina baat likhte hai,
Khawabo ke ayine me sachha khitab likhte hai,
Dilo ko bhati hai kuchh, To kuchh chhubh jaati hai,
Jo Lagta hai Sahi, Hum bas wo BAAT likhte hai,
Maa ke anchal ko, Kahte Kabhi mandir,
To papa ki maar ko bhi, Hum payar likhte hai,
Apna naam chhod, Hajaro naam likhte hai,
Har jati, Har dharam ko ek saman likhte hai,
Hum dard me kisi ke muskaan likhte hai,
Hum hindu muslim ko hindustaan likhte hai,
Gairo ko apna, To apno ko jaan likhte hai,
Hum hindu muslim ko hindustaan likhte hai. #NojotoQuote

Hum likhari hai...
#Nojoto #hindustan #nojotsalute #India #Love #RESPECT

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Why do Congress and left parties play minority Muslim politics? Why does BJP play conservative majority Hindu politics? Why not play liberal non religious majority Hindu and young Indian youth politics? Why isn't it happening?

This question was asked to me on Quora which is a social media app for asking questions and getting answer

Read the answer below #NojotoQuote

First of all, very good question.

There's a several reasons for this-

India is a conservative religious country which means majority of people irrespect of religion are conservative and religious

Hindus have a lot of problems with each other, they are not united like Muslims, even in Sunni and Shia battle one can see their unity when it comes to Islam. Well, Hindus generally isn't that religious obsessed at least in 2019 and that goes even for people in RSS etc. Indians are beginning to slowly become more rational type, as I said before even those who are from extremely religious conservative hindu family. They are more interested in having a good job with pay so they are now obsessed with education replacing religion. Education indirectly helping Hindus becoming more rational minded even those who are from religious conservative hindu family. They probably aren't aware of this. So the point is name Islam and you will see a lot of Muslims will stand up but that's not the case with Hindus.

Hindus aren't united as we are various types, probably more than any other group of people in the world and that plays it's part. So political parties (Congress and Left) can actually play minority politics and expect to have an united front. It's actually quite easy comparatively. Congress understood this quite early and they first started to play this minority appeasement Muslim politics. BJP only started to play this majority politics as an answer to Congress's minority Muslim appeasement politics in recent times as they are quite a new party compared to Congress

Muslims have either most or second most large population in India in the world so it's pretty easy to play minority politics appeasing Muslims in India. Although officially they are minority but population wise they are actually second majority after Hindus. So in a way, Left and Congress parties are actually playing majority politics excluding Hindus :D

As I said before, India is a conservative religious country but it is slowly but surely changing. But still it is conservative and religious. So a non religious hindu demography is a real minority in India. But it is increasing but it is still horribly outnumbered by Muslims so you can understand why BJP isn't interested :D

Your question is good because non religious Hindus are more united than religious Hindus and they are increasing. But they need a third party to represent them. But also it's not as simple also as some could be leftist congress supporters and rest could be right wing nationalist.

So it's quite complex.

As the population of India grows, Indian politics will change also, as of now situation is dictating terms

Unless the situation is changing, the politics won't.

So we have to wait for few more years to see any kind of change

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