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Is Karan Johar right when he said that star kids are better?

No. He is wrong. But the problem is elsewhere.

Let me explain-

See, we are obviously not the richest country in the world.

But that would not have been a problem if we were a sexually liberated society not a conservative one which would allow us to adapt in every level to compete each and every one even without the money. Because then we would not have anything that is blocking us from our psyche.

What is going on at the moment?

We have plenty of good actors from all over India. But most of them do lack in certain areas. Because most of them grew up in a comparatively conservative background compared to this Bollywood kids which means they were always better groomed than rest of us. Even the rich kids of our society is also from a comparatively sexually conservative background compared to the west which is one the reason- anyone from West can sign through in this so called glamour industry way better than us. As they have two advantages over us- money and sexual independence.

So does that mean- these Bollywood kids are some kind of best?

Absolutely fucking not.

Most of them are terrible.

But the reason mentioned above, we can't really push them out of their places just like in western countries. And that is why you see nepotism is prevalent more in Bollywood or rather in India.

Actually nepotism is everywhere but the difference is ordinary people are socially empowered in West not to make it a factor. This is why, you will see that people are competing with everyone in West which is very difficult to do here.

So Karan Johar isn't right when he said that Bollywood kids are better, but it just our society's backdated ideas and thinking process and design are preventing us to bulldoze nepotism.

Let's be honest here - how many of us are really groomed from childhood to take them on? I mean money itself is a factor but it wouldn't have been if as I said it before. I personally don't like Karan Johar but I have to admit one thing that he did try to potray a counter narrative as oppose to the stereotype potrayal of Indians in western movies. But he does it in a very stupid way which is another discussion.

The point is in his mind, he probably only see certain people from certain background meeting that criteria for his movies. Because Bollywood not just a movie industry, it is also a glamour industry as well.

As I said before it could have been challenged then and there if India already was a sexually liberated society.

But the good news is it is becoming like that very very quickly.

Our economy is slowly but surely improving with the help of internet and other technology, Indians are exposed to the world more openly than ever before from the childhood.

I know for a fact our young generation is more sexually adventurous than ever before. We definitely becoming more healthy and good looking than ever before even though our government data may say otherwise. But you know what I am talking about. So the chances are that nepotism won't be that big of factors in Bollywood 7 -10–12 years down the line as things are changing in India in a very rapid rate.

So Karan Johar may still get away saying shit like that but not for very long.

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If you would be a teacher. Why ? Why not? I have been... of all generation kids 😂😂😂
It's really fun to be with kids smaller than 7yr kids...😘😘

#Nojoto #HappyTeachersday

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Kids of 2000's: My dad Scold me, I am leaving Home !!
Kids of 90's : My dad beats me, I am not talking to Him !! 
Lord Ganesha: Shut Up Kids, I have seen Worst :P :P :P !!

Ganapati Lessons
Internet Jockey

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Mom and Food the best combination ever in life...😂🤣
No matter whether you are a mom or you are a kid. All mom's thought are same and all kids too. Being a mom it becomes little easier to analyze that...😁😁😁. She can fight with many if she feels her kids has not been fed properly in her absence, although she knows the pain of making her baby eat. That's not a matter, it may take her an hour and others two hours but her justification is her kid should not feel hungry or thrusty and by the way everything must be germs free, because she knows the pain of staying awake for nights when her kid falls ill. And every time she feels her kid has not eaten well... nobody asks her but her next task is to cook something healthy, tasty and make her eat, tummy full... until she feels ok my baby is done...😂😂😂. This habit never changes whether baby is of 3 yrs old or becomes 30... !!! Whatever may be your age... food that is tasty difficult to avoid. 30... Now wait that's the age mostly people go for diet. But can you really do that, specially when Mom cooks something yummy. Biggest challenge to say Mom made food Noooooo and more than that is to say Mom no. And now as you know as a Mom... how much effort it takes, it's more difficult... 😂😂😂 So the solution is every time mom enter kitchen go in... and keep an eye what is about to be done...😂😂😂. Declare before the game starts, you are the poorest of all and you have lost it and you don't want to see her putting so much of efforts to do something special...😄😄😄
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The benign scenario: Facial recognition technology, specifically age progression capability, could help with finding missing kids.  #NojotoQuote

#Missing kids #nojotonews #frt
The benign scenario: Facial recognition technology, specifically age progression capability, could help with finding missing kids. 

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