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Kiran Rao makes singing debut for ‘Jalyukt Shivar Abhiyan’

This flagship project of the ‘Paani Foundation’ owned by the couple, in association with the Maharashtra Government, aims at making villages drought- free in five years through water conservation programmes.The talented film-maker will sing in Marathi language.
She will be singing for the promotional video of the campaign, which will be helmed by National award winning director Nagraj Manjule.
The video will feature Aamir Khan and Marathi blockbuster Sairat, Akash Thosar and Rinku Rajguru besides other celebs. Guru Thakur has penned the lyrics while composers Ajay and Atul have composed the music.
The idea of promoting the campaign via a video was decided by Aamir and Kiran to raise awareness with a music video.
Aamir Khan also announced the Satyamev Jayate Water Cup this year, a competition among villages to conserve water.
The previous year had as many as 116 villages that took part in the competition, which created an annual water storage capacity of 1,368 crore litres in three talukas of the state.

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What will happen if Imran Khan become the prime minister of Pakistan? Is he the best candidate for Pakistan right now? How will he be towards India?
I will write from India's point of view.

To me Imran Khan looks the best.

Now I know that he will say things that India will never agree and he knows that. I can actually see through someone like Imran Khan's psyche.

Let me explain-

He is not Javed Miandad which means idiot emotional anti Indian.

He is not Wasim Akram either who probably at one point of time spent more time in India than in Pakistan. I don't know he could be more popular in India than in Pakistan(we have more people).

Now let's talk about Imran Khan- he is not really a typical emotional Pakistani infact he is quite opposite of that. He has tremendous pride of being a Pakistani not the way probably Pakistanis like interpret :D

He is an arrogant individual and again not typical idiotic Javed Miandad way. Again very fresh unorthodox way(from the Pakistani point of view)

He has seen the world from various corner and angle.

Let's talk about his political career.

Why people like him join politics in the first place-

He was seen doing so called 'Playboying'(very exaggerated, whatever I have heard about him, he never been anything such outrageous, this myth probably created from conservative gossipy Pakistani view point) in Britain's social life. He realised quite early that he was not a typical Pakistani. He was fit good looking (let's call him sexy) educated open minded which is not very common even in most open minded Muslims so forget about in Pakistan.

He had huge ego but because of his social skills he managed to hide it as much as possible again a very good sign of non conservative mindset.

But the keyword is here that he has a huge ego.

So he thought that if tries hard he can be the solution of Pakistan.

And he doesn't quit so easily.

So when he joined politics he probably never calculated how difficult the journey will be for him.

But as with times he realised the reality.

With Pakistan's political atmosphere anybody can become prime minister so Imran Khan had more chances than most. Imran Khan always knew that.

His party was always struggling. He realised that his party has no chance against power houses of political establishment in Pakistan.

Who is more powerful than political establishment in Pakistan?

ISI, Army and terrorists.

So he took money from them, and lobby and backing.

He actually did what he had to do in order to survive.

I have respect for him for that.

Because it's not easy specially in Pakistan.

So my guess is what one will get to see from him if he becomes prime minister of Pakistan (which I believe will happen) cheerleading of Army and ISI and terrorists for the first few years of his political top power.

He obviously knows he doesn't have any magic wand to change everything for Pakistan infact nothing will change. Even if Pakistan get something out of India, it may not be valuable to Pakistan that is how reality works on the other hand they could be looser.

Imran Khan will start to change from his earlier position slowly but surely. He is strong character.

Army , ISI and terrorists won't be happy.

But he will acquire enough power to protect himself.

This will be the period when he will become best prime minister of Pakistan and he won't be India obsessed like he always has been. His original character will be infront of every body.

As usual he will make a lot of enemy.

But he will be a huge popular figure within Pakistan.

Probably the most popular in their history.

And then he will be assassinated one day.

His journey will end in tragic way.

Sharif won't be candidate as he is in corner now with corruption.

Bilawal Bhutto to me :D - whatever I have seen in Pakistani media- he is another Rahul Gandhi :D

You guess the rest.

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Aamir after watching of 
Thugs of Hindustan alone #NojotoQuote

Aamir Watching Thugs of Hindustan

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Ishq,Ishq ek junoon hai,
Ishq toh ruhh ka sukoon hai,

Ek ibadat sa hai ye ishq,
Dil ki rahat hai ye ishq,

Iss ishq ko koi parwah nhi,
k kon bne Heer-Ranjha,

Kon bne Laila-Majnu,
aur kon bne Mirza-Sahiban,

Ishq ki koi hadh nhi,
Jo na ho Beyhadh vo ishq,Ishq kahan..
vo ishq ishq kahan.!


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A Twisted Love Story(Part 1)

(It's a figment of my imagination. I don't meant to disparage any organization,community or nation.)

Natasha Kapoor was flying back home. Home! How she missed home and her parents. It had been almost a month since she saw them. She was an only child of her parents and at the age of 24,they were still very protective of her. She remembered how hard it had been to persuade her parents to let her come to Pakistan. She was one of the doctors working with Medecins Sans Frontieres. MSF helped people worldwide where the need was greatest,delivering emergency medical aid to people affected by conflicts,epidemics,disasters or exclusion from health care. It had been her first project with MSF and she liked helping underprivileged people.

Somebody sat next to her and pulled her out of her reverie. She saw a beautiful couple with a cute boy aged about 5. The boy was restless and his parents had to settle him down. The woman gave her a polite smile and started a conversation. They had been chatting when a guy moved past them through the aisle. The guy stopped for a minute and looked at Natasha.
Natasha felt someone staring at her and looked up. There was a guy looking at her intently. The first thought that came to Natasha's mind was how handsome he was. She had stopped mid-sentence and was staring at him. The woman looked from her to the guy she was staring at and cried out, 'Rehaan Khan...Rehaan Khan!' The guy..err..Rehaan Khan flashed her a beautiful smile and proceeded to take his seat. The woman ran after him and Natasha heard her ask him for an autograph. So he was a celebrity! He must be a movie star, thought Natasha. When the woman came back, she was gleefully smiling. She told Natasha how big a fan of Rehaan Khan she was! He was her favourite pop star. She kept talking about him...

Natasha glanced at Rehaan Khan and realised he was looking at her. She quickly looked away. Rehaan couldn't help but smile. She was really beautiful. He would like to know with her. He was deep in thoughts when the air hostess started giving instructions. He blocked her out and tried to get some sleep. They had been airborne for almost half an hour when he heard shrieks from around him. He woke up with a start. He saw three men holding guns. One of them announced that they had hijacked the plane. Some people started crying, others were screaming. The terrorists intimidated the people into silence. One of them went to the cockpit,while other two kept guard.

Natasha was terrified. She couldn't believe what had just happened. She thought she was never going to see her parents again. The thought made her dizzy and she felt as if she was going to pass out. Then all of a sudden she saw Rehaan Khan getting up from his seat and tackle one of the terrorists, it all happened in a flash.Rehaan pushed him down and throttled him. The second man came ready to gun him down but Rehaan lunged at him snatching the gun away from him. He then hit the man with the butt of the gun and knocked him unconscious. The third terrorist came out running but before he could do anything Rehaan shot him down. It was all over within minutes.

Rehaan walked into the cockpit and showed the pilot his I.D. which stated he was an ISI agent. Then he ordered him to fly back to Lahore.

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