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Short Story : Value of talent at nojoto

Scene 1

Raj was working in the office and suddenly required some date from Eshant who was on leave for some function , Raj called Eshant and requested to send him some work related email but Eshant was in hurry and mistakenly he end up sending his file where some of his beautiful poetries were written .
Scene 2

Raj opens up the whil and realized this not something he was looking for but as soon as he reads the first line of that word document which looks very interesting to him he reads the complete document where 4-5 amazing poetries of Eshant were written . Raj simply send this file to some of his colleagues every one gets shocked to know that Eshant is too good in poetry but they never realized this ever before .

Scene 3 : Eshant comes to the office next day , very first thing happens to eshant that raj calls him in his cabin , Eshant thought this would be something releted to work only ,

Raj : hey eshant how was your leaves
Eshant : Sir , Very good we enjoyed lot
Raj : Last night I asked you for some file can you check and tell me which one you sent because I thing you dint checked post sending it
Eshant : Yes sir I dint opened the laptop yet but I will check right now
Raj : No issues
Eshant : Oh shit , Sorry sir I sent you the wrong file I am realy sorry
Raj : Its good you sent me that and I am angry because why you never told any of us about this amazing talent you are having
Eshant : Sir I write it just as an hobby I am not the professional one
Raj : But why not
Eshant : Sir I tried uploaded some videos on YouTube but got not much recognition
Raj : You know whats the problem here , Its very simple on YouTube or to any other social media site you don’t have option to select what you want to see , it shows all random top going videos andyou’re your example if you post your video your title is something which you only know and until you are not putting the correct title on search bar you wont get the video
But just assume if you have option where whenever you go to the portal you can chose your interest and see the related work and best thing all the people you see there are new , what do you think what would happen ?
Eshant : Sir it will simply increase the followers because you will get to find the same interest people
Raj : Exacly that’s I am saying
Eshant : But sir there is no such platform
Raj : Who told ? have you heard about Nojoto ?
Eshant : No sir never
Raj : OO , even I dint but my friend introduce to me this amazing app and as you know I love photography and same it was just my hobby but now post uploading my photos there on Nojoto people started recognizing me I am getting appreciated for my work
Eshant : O really sir its amazing but sir you now days no one interested in poetry
Raj : No nothing like that the friend I am talking about also started from scratch but now he is a featured artist for Nojoto
Eshant : what’s featured artist sir ?
Raj : Eshant , Nojoto keeps organizing open mics for singer storytellers and writers where you can perform and there you are being watched by live audience and post that they even post videos on YouTube channel where the same interest people who all subscribed the channel will get to watch your videos and trust me if your content is good you will become famous within a short span of time and once you are famous you are now a featured artist of Nojoto and even if you are not featured you are still being watched by lot of people on app itself and It has a huge audience there
Eshant : Great sir thanks tell me what I need to do for all that ?
Raj : Nothing much just go to play store and download Nojoto app therefore you need a onetime signup after which you can start posting you work and can follow same interest people
Eshant : Ok sir I will that right now but I also have a friend who is talented but has no play store but he is on app store ?
Raj: No worries soon Nojoto will be available on app store too but till then he can visit their website

Today Eshant is featured artist of Nojoto who left his job and now doing lot of tours of storytelling and poetry

Talent never go unnoticed at Nojoto , Hope you now believe comment if you believe the same

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A Tiny Tale Of Love(Part 4)
'Where have you been,Rohan? I had been looking for you all over.',exclaimed Shyaam. 'Hi..!',said Rohan sadly. 'Well,that's not a happy Hi! What happened? Is there anything wrong?',asked Shyaam. 'I talked to Raj...And he told me that Priya liked Seenu.',answered Rohan woefully. Shyaam felt sorry for Rohan but he said,'Don't worry, Rohan! You'll find someone better than Priya.' 'There is no one better than Priya...She is the best for me.',responded Rohan.


Manaali and Sakshi were chattering after class when Raj walked in. 'Hii Sakshi...Hii Manaali..',said Raj. 'Hii Raj...I know you are here to talk to Sakshi... I will go and leave you two lovebirds alone.',said Manaali smilingly and left.

'Hii Raj...How are you doing? Did you miss me?',asked Sakshi. 'Yeah..I missed you..Did you miss me?',said Raj. 'Yes..a lot'said Sakshi blushingly. 'Raj clasped her hands and was going to pull her into a hug when Priya came in. 'Oops! Wrong timing..!',said Priya and left. Raj
and Sakshi stood flustered. 'Poor Rohan!',said Raj. 'What? What is that supposed to mean?',asked Sakshi. 'You remember Rohan had come to talk to me...He told me that he liked Priya...And he wanted me to have you convey his feelings to Priya.',answered Raj. 'Oh! But Priya likes Seenu.',said Sakshi. 'Yeah..I know..Actually I told him that.',said Raj. 'You told Rohan that..?! What are you, crazy? You don't tell people that..It is meant to be a secret.',said Sakshi. 'I am sorry, Sakshi..I will keep that in mind.'said Raj.


'Hey, Priya! I have something to tell you.',said Sakshi to Priya. 'Sure...Tell me.',said Priya. 'Well, Raj told me...' 'Ahem...ahem...So what did Raj tell you?',Priya teased Sakshi. 'It's about you...That Rohan likes you.' 'Oh! But I like Seenu...Rohan is a good guy but Seenu is the best!',said Priya.

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A Tiny Tale Of Love(Part 3)
'Hey, Rohan!Have you heard the latest gossip?',asked Shyaam. 'No..What is it? Is it about Priya?',asked Rohan. 'Not really...It's about Raj and Sakshi...They are a couple now!' 'Hmm..People are falling in love and here I am pining for Priya..!',said Rohan sadly. 'Hey! i have got an idea! Why don't you tell Raj about your feelings for Priya? He can tell Sakshi and Sakshi can tell Priya as they are best of friends.',said Shyaam.

'You are right Shyaam!...I think I will tell Raj about my feelings for Priya.',said Rohan. 'Now you are talking... Good luck.',responded Shyaam. 'Thnx man!.. I need all the luck!',said Rohan and left to find Raj.


Raj and Sakshi were sitting under a tree. 'Hello Raj...Hello Sakshi!',said Rohan. 'Hello Rohan! How are you?',asked Raj. 'I am fine Raj..thnx...but I need to talk to you.',said Rohan. 'Sure man! what is it?',asked Raj. Rohan started speaking then looked at Sakshi and stopped. Sakshi understood and got up and left saying goodbye to both of them.

'So what is it, Rohan?', asked Raj. 'I need a favour from you Raj.',said Rohan. 'I like Priya...Can you please tell Sakshi to convey my feelings to her? I will be really grateful.',said Rohan.

'I am afraid Priya likes Seenu...',said Raj to Rohan. Rohan's face fell. 'I am sorry man,Rohan. But I can't help you.',said Raj. Rohan left gloomily.

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A Tiny Tale Of Love(Part 2)
'Seenu, you are one lucky guy... That Priya really likes you.!',said Raj to Seenu. Seenu was bowled over. 'Are you sure, Raj?...How do you know?',asked Seenu. 'Well,Sakshi told me... ',answered Raj. 'Ahaan! somebody is talking to Sakshi a lot these days!',teased Seenu. 'Well, to be frank I like her and it seems she likes me too.',said Raj blushingly. Seenu teased him a little more asking when the wedding was!?

Somebody called Raj. They turned around and saw Sakshi. A big smile came upon Raj's face...And he waved at Sakshi. Seenu winked at Raj and left. 'Why did Seenu winked at you?',asked Sakshi. 'He did?!...I don't know...',stammered Raj. 'Yes, he did...What did you tell him?',asked Sakshi suspiciously. Raj thought it was useless to pretend anymore so he said,'I told him I liked you and it seemed you liked me too.'
Sakshi gasped but then she blushed. Raj was all smiles now. 'So I am right...You like me too!', said he. Sakshi grinned and said yes.


Priya, Manaali and Sakshi were talking...'So did you see last night's episode?',asked Manaali. Priya chimed in,' was fantastic! Right,Sakshi??' But Sakshi had a faraway look in her eyes. Priya nudged her and asked,'What are you thinking about?' 'Nothing.',replied Sakshi. 'There is something...What is it...? Tell us.',joined in Manaali. Sakshi couldn't help but smile. 'See! you are smiling without any reason...Tell us what it is!',said Priya. 'Okay...okay! But don't tell anyone... ',said Sakshi. 'Yeah...we won't...Just tell us now.',both Priya and Manaali said in unison. 'Raj likes me!',said Sakshi gleefully.

'Wow!! You lucky girl! Congrats!..',said both Priya and Manaali. Sakshi giggled.

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Ek Vo Daur Vi Aya  SaFar Me  
jab Muje Apni Hi Pasand Se Nafrat Hui

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