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No words for the pain I feel on your face
No words to undo this disgrace
No words in a card can hold up to this
No words of my faith do justice
No words can mend, only grace
No words only love, to keep your embrace
No words will keep us together through this
No words to cover the shame I am feeling
No words will restore the love we once knew
Our Love will conquer words
And make our love new...
No words to take back, I told you the truth
No words holding back that I need you
Words are expressing the way that we feel
Love is the glue that makes it all real.
I love you. #gif

no word

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Amazing are words........
words cannot deal,words cannot heal
words are light,words are tight
words make you sad  and sometimes mad
some words inspire some words aspire
words become thoughts some words taught 

power lies within the words.........

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My Words Are All About What I Am......
  My Words Are All About What I Feel......
  My Words Are All About What I Want....
 My Words Are All About What I See......
 My Words Are All About What I Think...
   My Words Are All About What I Suffer....
  My Words Are All About What I Mind....
  My Words Are All About What I Face.....
 My Words Are All About What I Do.......

My Words Are All About What I Am........
#words#Feel# Want#See# Think#Suffer#Mind#Face#Do.......

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Then I m very nervous, and scared, then I wait for my cab, which will come within 5 minutes, that boy was there, then my cab comes, and I moved on, after that I forget him
After one week i saw him in my clg, I saw he was playing football, and then i moved on ignoring him,
Now regularly i used to see him,.... Whenever he was playing football, scathing, swimming, or some time creating noise in canteen.
As day by day I made a false image of him... That he jst a reckless guy, wasting his time
Hold on...
He usually says hello to me, and i also answered, in usual way
One day i was lost something big in my life, i was cheated by good people's, I saw those ones in my life which was very good outer appearance but within inside they were empty
Usually i always surrounded by too many friends but that day I was completely alone,
Everyone leaves me...and i jst quietly sit in canteen.
Suddenly someone says... Can you take coffee☕, I was wonderd with that voice
He was that guy.. He gives me coffee, and says what happened dude,..
I say's.. Nothing, its none of your business
He... Ok, cool, I jst finished my coffee here, nothing else, because all tables are filled
I says... Ok
Then he offers coffee to me also, first I denied, then he says it jst a coffee, you need it
And i take the coffee without talking to him
He started then.. I know my image is not good in your eyes, I m also not your friend but i see you that u always surrounded with friends, but nowadays you were alone here.... I really don't know what's your pblm, but remember one thing, outerwear, outer appearance is not the whole truth,...
Then he moved on
I don't give any reaction, want to forget everything, but his words are moving in my head
I actually realized that those ones which are my friends, were always using me, I don't have even a single one whom i say friend
Then he daily comes and now i know little little about him.
He was very ambitious, even he can do several things, he is interested in fashion world, modeling, even acting also.
He was very active and smart, he was actually proper planned his future, and also working towards them
Whatever i made his appearance was actually everything thing wrong, he was jst opposite
He is not interested that what was happened in others life, he just focus on himself, actually he enjoyed his work, life, without any kind of jealousy.
He never asked me about my pblms but he says... No one solved your pblms, only you can solve it, because no one knows better than u
He says big words in very normally, lightly,
When he says those words, I was jst wondered, Is it he,
He don't have so many friends, but he is real one,
I must say... I never saw him to see a girl badly, even girls always completed him
Girls are safe with him.
He is just a fun loving, cheerful, jovial guy.
He never talked so many big big long talks, but he just simply do all things, without saying anything.
I learned from him, that we can do everything, jst love your self, focus on your self.......
Warm wishes too him, praying to God,..... All his children, made their selves, not polish them. 🙌👏🙏🙏👍✌ walk towards new India🇮🇳.... With new thoughts.. ✍✍


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Words that smile while you write with tears?
Words that are strong while your pen shivers?
Words that look back at you pleading ‘Do not send’,
Words that, when you are broken, continue to pretend.

Have you written words that lie?

When you want to plead ‘stay’ and they read ‘go fly’
When your heart wants to abuse but all u write is ‘Hi!’
When you are falling apart and type ” I am fine”
When ‘no’ is the truth, the ‘yes’ is a crime.

Yes I have written words that lie!

Why have I written words that lie?

I learnt from the mother.
Numbing hands, sleep starved eye, yet she sang a sweet Lullaby.

Once I saw this little girl,
feeding bread to her younger sis, “you eat I am full” said her starving lips.

An adopted boy;
Hugged new parents, loved his room, even smiled thanks in return.
While deep in his heart, he truly missed, the orphanage crowd and their real fun.

Oh and that father!
Made paper aeroplanes, so that his son, happily eats his daily meal.
Had sacrificed becoming a pilot, to earn that very meal.

And the Granny,
waits for weeks and months at times, just for that one call.
Then shares laughs over the phone, as her lonely tears fall.

If frail bodies, weak heart, dying emotions are allowed to lie,
‘Just so that no-one is hurt’, if that’s how they justify.

Then what is the crime, if I make my own words lie?

They are strong and immortal, come what may, they don’t even die.

~Mehak Mirza Prabhu

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