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zayn malik sketch
zayn malik sketch by me
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🌹Ghar Ghar ki Kahani 🌹
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When a wife makes Tea :


Reaction of Husband :

Hmmm ( Showing a table to keep, not even moving his head from laptop or phone or TV depending what the person is watching)

When a husband makes Tea :

Ohh I am too tiered know...cleaned 3 vessels, why don't you keep kitchen litt clean and that milk packets u had not kept in place. And It took me half an hour to search that ginger and cleaned it so well u know... And I have used that imported tea bags that you had just saved from months...Here is your cup of special ginger tea... ( after taking 5 pics of it to post in social media as if that's a new zoo animal).

Reaction of Wife :

Starring both to tea and Husband ( Should I drink now or u want me to put it in museum to show case)

After drinking a sip waiting to see husband's reaction after he drinks( As in place of Sugar it was salt)

Now both are silent... looking at each other and Wife trying to not laugh...

Husband's Reaction :

Because of you only it all never keep things in place... how would I know it was salt.

Wife : 😱☹️😤

Wife's re-entry in kitchen to start a fresh Tea Program.


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Quote for My Wife

The Relation between wife and husband its gift of god,
I am so lucky for that  ,
She believe in me Trust me taking little little care of me,
A god thanks for a beautiful wife and always believe in me  and understand me ,
Always stand with me and support me,

Quote For Wife
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Because I'm women
I holocaust to prove my purity.
I penance to prove my devotion. 
I protected to prove my love.
I birth to show my worth.
I left them to be someone.
I'm proof of your presence,
I proved your trust of essence.
I'm mother, I'm daughter,
I'm wife, May be sometimes the slaughter.
I'm women more than all above,
I teach love, caring, sharing is all about.

Meaning of poem-
According to Hindu mythology
1Goddess Sita just to prove her purify sat in fire
2Goddess Parvati popularly known as Aadhi Shakti took many births and devoted herself to Lord Shiva to be his wife
3. Sati the woman who got back his husband's life from the God of death
4. It's very difficult for the women who can't give birth to baby so be worthy she hve to birth
5. To be someone's wife she have to leave her entire family
6. She wears vermilion (Sindoor,kumkum), she wears Chain, locket. (Mangalsutra), ring which indicates the long life of husband and the life status of him.
7. She mostly proved to be most trustworthy person you can rely on
8. She is mom she is daughter
9. She is wife and sometimes she is the one who do justice
10. More than all these she is woman
11. Who teaches the world what love caring Sharing is all about @nojotoofficial

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1.The COWARDLY Wife let's the husband do what's right or wrong.
2.The BOSSY wife tells the husband what's right or wrong.
3.The CARELESS wife doesn't care what's right or wrong.
4.The LOYAL wife gives her opinion to the husband of what is right or wrong.


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