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What do you think about the documentary named Two Nations One Obsession on India Australia rivalry in Cricket?

Peter Dickson is good flim maker so no wonder it was done well.

Anyone reading this can watch these two part documentary movie on Sony and Ten Sports in India and in fox sports in Australia.

It is a very good movie.

You will enjoy it very much

Now coming back to Australia India rivalry.

I saw in internet some Pakistanis were trying their level best to prove that Australia and India have no such rivalry

Only England and South Africa have with Australia

Well, we all know the reason behind their desperation, they are trying to prove somehow that the fact that Indian team don't really need Pakistan team for Cricket is hurting them more than anything

We all know Pakistan won't stop terrorism against us that easily but this is the only thing that they really care about and get hurt. Young delusional Pakistanis are getting killed by doing terrorist activities against India is no such problems to them. Ha, ha, such an enlighted country Pakistan. A lot of things one needs to learn from Pakistan :D

Truth is yeah, ordinary Australian don't care about any other rivalry other than ashes not because of it is Cricket but because of long history and Australian people feel that they need to prove something always to British

But South Africa is more important to Australia than India in Cricket!!!!

That's just pure jealousy :D

Truth is there is a reason why Caucasian people don't necessarily enjoy Cricket as much as they used to

Contrary to the popular opinion, most of the white Caucasian people are not really that excited about high paced life always

Yeah, I know because I have lived those countries for certain time.

There are plenty of people in Caucasian population are conservative, I mean sexually conservative, they are not really what you get to see in movies

Otherwise Church would have been vanished by now from Caucasian world :D

There's a reason why Base ball still exists in America :D

Now Cricket's case what has been going on- is simply the after effects of post multiculturalism movement through out Caucasian population

There are too many multicultured people in everywhere today in Caucasian world according to many Caucasian.

In soccer that is not the case in England

It is still a white people's sport

Let's face it Soccer is more of a Euro Latin American sports than World sports(Asian teams create more hype than anything else, African countries always look good on papers but they are like West Indies team in Cricket never really that good, actually West Indies team is better in Cricket)

Yeah, everyone knows that every country play soccer but the truth is they are not really up to the level of certain 9 European countries and certian 5 Latin American countries

If one check the stats of all World Cup winning team from over the years, it will be very clear

Other than some blind soccer fans everyone admit this :D

In England's case if you walk down various streets of London, you will see White people are getting increasingly covered slowly but surely

This is why White British people instinctively looking for things that they can be relied on as par as their identity's concern

It's not because they don't have any time or they are super busy (yeah, believe me white people are not as busy as we think :D) or Cricket is taking too much time, they simply instinctively feel more comfortable playing a sport like Soccer where there is white dominance, they are naturally drawn to it

To be very honest it's not really that surprising if we were in their place, we would have done the same thing

Same is with Australia's recent love with Australian rules football

Same is with SA and New Zealand's love with Rugby

Asian people (more specifically South Asian Indian subcontinent people) are quite dominating in certain white countries, they are getting sick of that inside as a result their tendency to such activities become very normal human behaviour

Football coaches in England has admitted this in number of times

Future of Cricket is very bright indeed but only from Indian subcontinent people's point of view as white people will become increasingly shrunken with times and it's already happening

So what they think or prefer may not matter that much in the future

At least 40% of people could become Indian subcontinent in the future, it's a very real possibility so one can guess the scenario

Plus Cricket won't look like then what it is today, it will completely change, if anyone time travel to future now, he will understand why that is the case :D

So the point of this long boring writing is we don't need white people

We certainly don't need Pakistan :D

Pakistan may need us or not but it doesn't matter to us either way, we are pretty well placed right now politically and financially for the future

What we see today is only going to increase more in the future from India's point of view

That old fashioned thinking of certain urban Indians that what White people do only cool is a thing of past

This is age of internet everything has changed

Even what urban Indians promote will be thought upon as cool by rest of the India isn't the case anymore

Look at our most young generation and imagine the next one, we won't be insecured of anybody or anything in the future (including sex) and it's already happening :D

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Arnab Goswami is interviewing a farmer

*Arnab : What do you feed your goats?

Farmer : The white one or the black one?

Arnab : The white one.

Farmer : Grass.

Arnab : And the black one?

Farmer : That also grass.

Arnab : Where do you tie up your goats?

Farmer : The white one or the black one?

Arnab : The white one.

Farmer : Inside the barn.

Arnab : And the black one?

Farmer : That also inside the barn.

Arnab : With what do you wash your goats?

Farmer : The white one or the black one?

Arnab : The white one.

Farmer : With water.

Arnab : And the black one?

Farmer : That also with water.

Arnab Goswami gets angry and yells : Bloody fellow... If you do the same thing for both the goats why are you repeatedly asking me white or black ???

Farmer : Because the white goat is mine.

Arnab : And the black goat?

Farmer : That is also mine.

Arnab Goswami faints.... After he regains consciousness the farmer explains : Now you know how we feel when your TV channel shows the same news by twisting and turning

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Would you like to adopt this thirsty way?
-------------------------------------------------- -
In Europe, the fascinating rhythm is often seen in the towns, coffee boards of towns and restaurants have white boards on the wall. The customers of the restaurants and coffee shops ordering the tea, coffee and food for themselves, the waiters also order a tea, coffee or fruit food for the White Board, the waiter places them in order and extra tea, coffee and food. The "slip" of the white stick on the board. People eat food, tea drinks coffee, and in the end, with the bill, you pay the extra food, tea and coffee money. Foods, coffee and tea slips are for those people who do not have tea, coffee or food, "Afford", these poor people also come in restaurants or coffee shops like a common customer stops near the White Board. They come to the table on the floor and give it to the waiter, and the waiters serve food, tea and coffee with respect to them as common customers, if they are white from the white board. If you do not want to remove the chit then they say in the mouth of the waiter, "Give me the white tea board, coffee or coffee," and the waiters take chit off the white board and give them coffee, tea and food, this hungry poor Thousands of people have to eat food, tea and coffee, 'we can adopt this charming way.'


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11 Hypnotizing Pictures of Porcelain Beauty by Yulia Taits
Yulia Taits is a photographer and graphic designer. She is also a photoshop artist, and her latest project has her producing stunning results without the use of photoshop. This project captures the hypnotizing beauty of albino people.
Yulia says, "All of the photographs were taken in white tones with no additional coloring. I'm excited to prove that white is not just one color! It has many tints, shades, and beautiful tones."
Albino people or people with Albinism evoke visions of fairytale and fantasy in Yulia's mind, and she set out to capture images that would reflect this vision.
Considering the unique subjects in this project, all of the pictures heavily feature white but it is the different tones and shades of white that really highlight the beauty of these people. No additional coloring was added to these photos, and the raw beauty shines through as a result of this.
Yulia told, "While creating this photo project, I was fortunately blessed with meeting amazing people. I was highly motivated due to the support of the models and parents to create this project. Their passion and encouragement attributes to this amazing project. I am very proud of the results this experience has brought."
Have a look for yourself and share Yulia's vision.

Images Via - Yulia Taits Phogtography

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Someone's favourite was Red,
Some had blue on thier mind,
Some loved the company of Green,
While she was busy....
Finding the tinch of every colour in White,
Peace of Green,
How it holds?
Flaws of red,
How it ignores?
She was learning to be like White..
To absorb all and reflect One..
To be pure and accept Everyone!!

"Power of White"
Praise Uprightness,
Ignore Shortcomings,
Be like WHITE ,
Accept the goods,
Reflect the flaws...

#Nojoto #englishquotes#ThursdayMotivation

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